5 Most Luxurious Experiences Across The World

Travelling is fun for most of us. But, it can be a super-luxurious experience only if you are rich. There are some extravagant places and activities that you can enjoy and that will only cost you thousands of dollars. So, when someone tells you that money canโ€™t buy happiness, share this article with them and drool over these extraordinary things to do in the world together.

1. Get a whole island for yourself 

Islands have always been a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle. But, when you stay at one of the most expensive resorts in the world known as Laucala private island resort, you will get a chance to experience the true luxury that will take you away from mediocre life in a city. With more than 25 villas with the capacity of maximum 80 guests, this resort redefines grandeur. And as this the only resort on the island, you will get the whole Laucala Island to yourself.

2. Enjoy a meal that can be very very expensive 

If you want to impress your partner while planning a romantic date, all you have to do is to book a table at Sublimotion Restaurant in Fiji. This is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world with the average price of $2,000 per person. This place is designed in such a way that stimulates the 5 senses. You can use an itinerary planner to plan a hassle-free vacation that will take you to Ibiza. If you are rich, then you must pull all the stops even if it is for one simple meal!

3. Private jet to explore the world 

Hop on to the private jet to discover the secrets hidden away in the corners of secluded islands, ancient ruins, historic sites, and dense forests. The onboard chef will pamper your taste buds with different cuisines while you are busy visiting places like Seoul, Paris via Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Mumbai, Florence, Lisbon, and Copenhagen. Wondering about the price? Only $135,000 per person. That makes it one of the most expensive travel experiences in the world.

4. Get (diamond) tattooed 

Yair Shimansky is the South African Jeweller that created the world’s most expensive temporary tattoo. How you must be wondering. They used 612 half-carat diamonds worth $924,000 to make this temporary tattoo. It took more than 8 hours to complete this exquisite task. The company is planning to offer this service to their clients around the world soon.

5. Next travel destination? The outer space 

Whatever you do and however you plan, vacations are always expensive. But, when you opt for a commercial flight that takes you to the outer space, that makes it a whole different thing. The spaceflight company of Virgin Galactic is working on this project and hundreds of people have already signed up for the flight. All those sci-fi movies can soon feel like a reality for you now! And we will have to do a lot of re-work on the list of top luxury travel destinations.

Now, this is the time to start saving for dreamy vacations!

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