6 Years & Going Strong – The Biere Club

If you love your craft beers and are familiar with Bangalore breweries then “The Biere Club” would definitely be in the list of your top 5 breweries to head to. Holding the distinction of being the first Craft Brewery in Bangalore, they are celebrating their 6th year and have launched a New Menu to commemorate the occasion.

On a personal front, I must admit I normally do not visit this part of town and hence till this visit, I have only had the pleasure of being a regular to their Whitefield branch which is quite impressive thanks partly to their great location and surroundings and of course their food and drinks!


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On the occasion of their 6th year anniversary, a bunch of us got together to try out their new brews as well as their new menu on a fine Saturday afternoon. Their location is smack in the middle of Lavelle Road which makes it quite unmissable and the crowd I saw at 1 pm would vouch for the popularity of this place. Spread across 2 floors, the decor is simple yet comfortable as it is meant to be a lounging spot where you spend a few hours relaxing over a few drinks.



Among the first few to arrive, my friend and I decided to go ahead and the bartender brought us their beer sampler which consisted of Ragi, Mango,English Porter, Lite Lager and Belgian Wit.

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I have come to love some craft beers over the last few years of being introduced to it but I have never tried Ragi biere and though more interested initally in their Mango biere which is seasonal, I was taken aback with the great taste of their Ragi Biere. Being no expert in this area, I realized I should have listened to my friend who kept raving about their Ragi beer from the beginning. Being health conscious, this biere made from millets is indeed quite a pick and I loved the taste of it being just the right amount of bitterness. So I finally settled in for my very large mug of Ragi biere to keep me company for the rest of my meal while others tried their other biere’s as well a very interesting looking mocktail – Strawberry Virgin Mojito.

A place like this not only focuses on delivering the best possible brews but also some great appetizers to go with their biere’s and they do not disappoint.

The food was served as a 4 course spread starting with the Whole Steamed Mini Corn Cobs, Slow Cooked Korean Style Sticky Pork Ribs and Artichoke, Spinach Sundried Tomato and Caper Pizza. It is quite rare to see Corn cobs on a menu in a place like this but I love Corn and this was a perfect combo with the beer. Though the Pizza was very good, I thoroughly enjoyed the Pork ribs which were perfectly done.

Whole Steamed Mini Corn Cobs
Slow Cooked Korean Style Sticky Pork Ribs
Spinach Sundried Tomato and Caper Pizza

The next course was even more interesting consisting of Mezze Platter ,Green Pea Tikki , Whole Roasted Hacked up Chicken with Gravy , 1lb of Roasted Tenderloin Fillet with Horseradish Gravy and Grilled Jumbo Shell on Prawns, Hot Garlic Butter. The Mezze Platter is normally a dish I would not hesitate to order thanks to it being healthy and non oily. That said, the Mezze Platter there is impressive and a sight to behold. Be it their Falafel, Cous Cous, Beetroot dip or Baked Chips all of it were very good and certainly a must try especially for the vegetarians. I did get a taste of the Pea Tikki and it is certainly one of those fried starters one cannot resist, though not too oily. 

Mezze Platter
Green Pea Tikki

I love non veg dishes and their Whole Roasted Hacked up Chicken with Gravy was a dish which looked very appetizing from the moment it was served. Do ensure to have this dish hot as the flavours when eaten warm is best savoured. 

Whole Roasted Hacked up Chicken with Gravy

Thanks to the never ending discussions on beef in India, it was a pleasure to see them serve up a lip smacking Roasted Tenderloin Fillet which tasted even better thanks to the Horseradish Gravy served with it. 

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1lb of Roasted Tenderloin Fillet with Horseradish Gravy

Never one to miss out on any prawn dish in the menu, I loved their version of Grilled Jumbo Shell on Prawns, Hot Garlic Butter. 

Grilled Jumbo Shell on Prawns, Hot Garlic Butter

Finally moving onto to something new they have tried by introducing rice and curry combos A Taste of India’ at The Biere Club. We tried their Kashmiri Lamb Stew, Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Tikka and Mushroom & Pea Stew. Among these dishes, I loved the Chicken Tikka Masala though the Lamb Stew was not too far behind. 

As it is customary we ended our meal with a large dessert platter giving us a taste of their Chef Special desserts – Chocolate Orange Pudding, Wafer Thin Apple Tart & Baked Blueberry Cheese cake. My favourite in this platter turned out to the Apple Tart which was warm and perfect with vanilla ice cream. 


All in all, a very well spent afternoon with beer, buddies, great food and a fun crowd which makes me want to do it all over again for sure!

Ambiance – 4/5 

Service/Hospitality – 4/5

Food Taste – 4.5/5


Quantity/Quality – 4.5/5

Value for Money4/5

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