7 Places to Eat in New York City That Can’t be Missed

New York City, unlike anywhere else I have been, is the cross-roads of the world. This is reflected in the people who live here and their food. Having grown up here and lived in this city my whole life, this city is full of an array of places to eat in New York City that can’t be missed.

I’ve included a list of a couple places that I have gone to regularly which never disappoint. These places are varied and can be really cheap or really expensive. I know everyone’s visit to New York City is different, but there are some things you can’t leave this city without trying and here is a list of places to go to get that experience:


This little choose-your-own platter Lebanese joint is one of the best places to score some awesome hummus and falafel that won’t break your wallet. The portions are huge, the food is fresh and fast. This is also located in the “Little Egypt” area of Queens, a neighborhood around Northern Steinway street that boasts tons of hookah bars, ethnic markets, and tons of restaurants.

I wouldn’t miss this if you are looking for delicious food that will be swamped with locals (not tourists!) in a really cool area of New York City.

Address: 2411 Steinway St.Astoria, Queens, NY 11103


Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company                                                          

Photo Courtesy: bkbagel.com

Nothing is as authentically New York as an everything bagel, toasted, with a schmear, in my humble opinion. I love this small New York chain of bagel stores that offer up fresh-as-hell bagels in the morning. I try to go to them whenever I want to feel full of nostalgia (and cream cheese).

I wouldn’t miss a chance to go get yourself a delicious bagel (they serve gluten free!). Other stores I have tried don’t come close to these guys, either. I guess the bagels packed full of toppings like poppy seeds, sesame seeds or a funky egg bagel can’t be beat when it’s made really damn well.


99 Cent Fresh Pizza

I know this is a strange one because there are 99cent pizza spots all over New York City. You should absolutely take advantage of this amazing deal. I recommend this particular spot because it’s no-frills: just cheap, fresh and good. If you don’t believe me, look at the trip advisor reviews.

I wouldn’t miss getting a good New York City slice. New York pizza is the best in the world (yeah: I said that!) and to get this magically fresh, cheesy treat is a must while visiting the Big Apple.

Address : 151 E 43rd St, New York City, NY 10017.


Mermaid Inn

I recommend this place because it has an amazing happy hour. From 5-7pm during the week you can get $1 oysters on the half-shell and cheap beer and snacks. I’m also a huge fan of the restaurants themselves: lots of places to sit, airy, flowing and awesome for sitting outside on a summer night sipping a glass of bubbly as you eat fresh oysters.

I wouldn’t miss this because it’s a local restaurant and it’ll give you a chance to have a great sit-down experience without breaking the bank. Plus, sitting out on the sidewalk and people watching is as New York as it gets. 

There are two locations, both in Manhattan.


Taverna Kyclades

This is Greek Food at its best, folks. I have been to the restaurant in Astoria and on E14th street many times and have not been disappointed. I love this food; it’s grilled fish done exceedingly well. Succulent potatoes, crispy calamari, fresh dips, hot bread… the list goes on.

I wouldn’t leave New York City not having given them a try. The prices are really good, and the serving sizes are massive, so I’d recommend going with a group of people and pigging out. They also cater to vegetarians and have 3 locations throughout New York City.


NY Food Court at Flushing

This is a massive mash-up of different food stalls from around the world. I love to come in here and sample different flavors. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Thrillist offers up a great summary of this place here. This is a no-frills place, but the cultural experience is awesome and shows a side of New York City that is unique to this place.

I wouldn’t miss this because not only will you get delicious food for cheap, but the neighborhood of Flushing is an awesome place to wander. Here is another China Town that the tourists don’t get to! You’ll get a chance to eat delicious food and see the massively diverse population that makes New York such a great city to be in.

Address: 133-35 Roosevelt Ave,Flushing, NY 11354.


Peter Luger Steakhouse


Picture Courtesy : peterluger.com 

Unlike the other restaurants you cannot miss in New York City that I have mentioned in this post, this one is quite expensive. That said, you will not get a better steakhouse in New York. This place elevates the art of making a good steak to mythical levels. The sides, the meat, the drinks this restaurant is the complete package. Oh, and New Yorkers know this so make a reservation before you decide to show up.

I wouldn’t miss this because it is a great opportunity to splurge and eat one of the best meals New York City can serve up. If you can’t afford their price tags, they’ll have cheaper lunch specials. Treat yo’ self to something really delicious, you won’t be sorry!

Address: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Author: Natalie is a New York City native who lives in Astoria, Queens with her kiwi husband, Jackson. Together, they have spent the last two years traveling the globe together clocking up more than 30 countries on their travels. Natalie regularly writes about her travels, food advice, and itineraries in her blog, which she co-created with her husband, A Pair of Travel Pants. You can follow their exploits on Instagram.

Pictures courtesy : Flickr, Trip Advisor, 

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