7 Post-Gym Skin Care Tips

Going to a gym has become a routine for most of us in the present times. A day without it may even make the regular ones feel that something is amiss. However, the types of equipment you find in the gym are full of harmful bacterias and dirt. The perspiration of a number of people there in the gym furthers the growth of them. Since your skin comes in contact with these pieces of equipment, you are likely to contract the germs that prove to be detrimental for the health of the skin. This makes it imperative for you to take good care of your skin after you are done with the workout session for the day.

This article, thus, intends to share some tips that can ensure you the post-gym skin care you need.

Cleanse your face

Although it is true that the locker room remains a busy place in the gym all throughout the day, it is imperative that you take time for cleansing your face post-workout. The more you sweat in the gym, the more of the dirt collects over the face. You definitely want your skin to breathe freely rather than having the pores of the skin clogged with a negligible amount of breathing space for them. It is ideal to clean the face using water and your face wash. However, there may be instances when you are not able to get access to these. In that case, you can purify the cells of the skin by using micellar water along with a cotton pad. This way, you won’t have to rely on a sink, a mirror or a huge space as well.

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Even if you find it difficult to clean your face of the dirt there in the gym itself, you can wash your face on coming back home. The face is the gateway of the personality. This makes it imperative to take an extra incentive in ensuring the health of the skin.

Change your Clothes

The proper gym attire that comprises vests, compressions, and legging enhance the appearance and makes you feel great while your workout session. You must choose amongst a fine collection of bodybuilding clothes to remain at your stylish best and flaunt your well-built muscles. They are also easy on the body.

Some gym clothes, on the other hand, do not give your skin the breathing space it requires. However amazing they make you look, they are pretty tight and trap all the sweat that you produce during the workout. They even disallow the cells of the skin to breathe properly, thereby hampering the process of rejuvenation. The oil and the dead skin remains affixed to the body till the time you wear the gym wears. Thus, it should be your priority to instantly take off the clothes. Although it is preferable to take a bath later, you should use a fresh towel to soak your sweat if you are unable to do so. Put on clean and comfortable clothes further, providing your skin with the ample oxygen it requires.

Getting rid of the unclean clothes from the gym to the fresh ones shall go a long way in preventing the outbreaks from occurring as well. It is preferable to choose the clothes that are light on the skin and are neither too tight nor too abrasive.

Hydrate yourself

Since the body experiences reduction in the levels of glucose after a workout session in the gym, you might crave for sugary drinks and foods. But you should rather indulge in replenishing the body by having ample amounts of water. You can also try the upcoming energy drinks that are low in sugar, but the kind of role that water plays is unmatchable. It plays an important part in transporting the nutrients to the body throughout, aids digestion and invigorates the metabolism. Apart from these, it removes the fatigue from the body facilities the process of cell rejuvenation.

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Consumption of sugary items can destroy the collagen of the skin, which can speed up the process of aging. It also brings about a spike in the insulin levels that promote the growth of spots on the skin. Water, on the other hand, shall play a vital role in detoxifying the body. This shall pave the way for healthier and brighter skin. You can also turn to the consumption of coconut water after your workout to get a good dosage of potassium and ensure hydration.

Avoid scrubbing the skin

Scrubbing is a way of removing dead skin cells through the medium of exfoliation. It is considered quite a healthy exercise, owing to its function of ensuring the blood circulation in the skin. You can definitely practice this technique to keep the skin fresh and make it look radiant. However, the one time you must avoid scrubbing is after working out in the gym. This is due to the fact that post-workout, the skin tends to become really delicate. An article suggests that scrubbing the skin during this point in time can become a cause for the contraction of micro-abrasions on the face. You can also suffer from problems ranging from acne breakouts, dehydrate the skin and lead to the onset of eczema due to the practice of scrubbing on the skin immediately after a workout session.

This does not mean that there is no alternative to scrubbing that you can inculcate in your lifestyle to get clear skin. You can either choose to apply the simple method of washing away the dirt and the sweat with the use of clean water or bring to the use a gentle cleanser. These shall refresh your skin effectively without causing any bruises to the skin.

Focus on the entire body

Although it happens a lot of times that we tend to focus on the health of the skin of only the face, it is imperative that we take care of the body in totality. Until and unless you stop neglecting your skin on a daily basis, you might suffer from an ailment that goes by the name of fungal acne. It is another name for ‘pityrosporum folliculitis’, which grows on the skin due to the presence of excess amount of yeast called Malassezia. The skin experiences inflammation and a lot of itchiness as a result of the onset of fungal acne.

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In order to ensure your skin avoids this problem, you must make use of the antibacterial and antifungal soaps to take a bath with. These prevent the growth of the acne to a significant level and ensure a smooth skin. It is best when you take a bath with these soaps right after your workout in the gym washroom itself. You can also carry an antifungal body wash as an alternative to the soap. A Salicylic acid cleanser can help a great deal in getting rid of the dead skin cells and prevent the formation of acne as a result.

Use the Moisturizer

The skin goes through a massive loss of water due to the sweating in the gym as the workout progresses. It needs to be replenished in order to maintain the beauty of the skin and stop it from sagging. Thus, you can make use of a moisturizer to replenish the water lost by the skin according to the findings of an article. A lot of oil-free moisturizers have also come to the market for those who are prone to acne breakouts as well. The good thing about these is that they hydrate the skin without clogging the pores of the skin and giving them ample space to breathe properly.

Those who have dry skin can take the recourse of moisturizers with rich cream. You can choose one on the basis of your skin’s need and necessity and make way for beautiful skin for the years to come.

Apply the SPF Sunscreen

For the uninitiated, the SPF stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’. The SPF Sunscreen comes in handy for those who prefer working out in the gym early morning. The moment you head back to your home after a workout session at the gym, you might fall prey to heat and direct sunshine. A study suggests that high exposure to sunlight over a continuous period of days can become the reason for skin cancer.

Thus, it is important you use SPF sunscreens to block the sun rays from affecting your skin. It shall go a long way in keeping you immune from catching the likes of melanoma and shall ensure an even tone of the skin.


The above-mentioned tips are not only simple to follow but are also easy on the pockets. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to take good care of your skin. Putting your best foot forward and having a radiant skin to go with shall do wonders in making you look absolutely gorgeous. Hence, inculcate these effective habits in your daily schedule and witness the protection and health of your skin.


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