8 Guilt Free Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – Cafe Mangii

100th Post calls for a special one and what better to write about than desserts which are healthy too! 

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There is always some place you wish to visit but the idea of commuting 30 odd kms in Bangalore traffic in peak time traffic makes one wish they invented teleporters soon. 

By now you must know I’m referring to Cafe Mangii, the one located in Orion Mall. I have visited this mall probably only twice since it opened and this visit was to try their new Dessert Menu. 

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Though I arrived a bit post lunch the Cafe was reasonably filled with mall goers having a good time. Luckily enough they have a large area rather than the usual food court outlets surrounding them on the outside. The ambience is very casual yet buzzing with energy. This cafe overlooks the impressive World Trade Centre which adds to its charm.

Since it was a special get together and as is the norm I arrived well before time and had a chance to take a walk around as well as chat up with the Chef Sandeep Rane in charge of the new Dessert Menu. A very soft spoken chap who flew in from Mumbai to ensure everything is in place as it is necessary before any menu change. A very interesting point to note about this dessert menu was the emphasis on sticking to healthy ingredients keeping the current trend in mind. Of course, he has taken great care to ensure the desserts not only taste good but look good too. 

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Once the gang arrived, we had a few appetizers – Cajun Chicken, Baked Cottage Cheese and Veg / Non-veg sandwiches to wet the appetite a bit. 

Cafe Mangii - 7

Cafe Mangii - 10

Cafe Mangii - 12

I have visited their UB City outlet so I knew their pizzas are awesome especially the ones I tried on this particular visit – Bell Peppers Veg Pizza and BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Dont forget to try their Pastas which pack quite the punch too.

Cafe Mangii - 32

Cafe Mangii - 12

Cafe Mangii - 36

During the course of the evening, a few of us tried their cocktails as well as mocktails. They serve up some excellent cocktails. Definitely a must try here. 

Coming to the highlight of the evening, ‘The Desserts’. The new menu consisted of – 

1. APPLE CRUMBLE – The first dessert to be served in champagne glasses definitely made a lasting impression a set the mood for the rest to come. 

2. NUTELLA SURPRISE CRUNCH – Having Nutella in your dessert is not something new but having an eggless one taste so amazing was definitely a surprise! 

Cafe Mangii - 09

3. ESTERHAZY – This combo of Chocolate Cream, Almond cake and Orange Marmalade was one of those desserts which looked amazing and it was hard for me to be the first to dig in. 

Cafe Mangii - 35

4. 34 LAYERS – I really don’t need to explain this dessert as the name itself gives it away. Apart from the fact it had 34 layers made of chocolate ganache and mousse, it looked quite unassuming but it was all a chocolate lover like me could stop from drooling. 

Cafe Mangii - 31

5. TIRAMISU – One of the best desserts for me here. Beautiful creation by the chef!

6. PHILADELPHIA BAKED CHEESE CAKE – Not a fan of cheese cakes I just took a tiny bit. Quite okay with the seasonal fruit compote.

Cafe Mangii - 26

7. MOCHA FUDGE TREAT – This is a mouth watering dessert if you love Mocha. I can’t say no to anything coffee and I couldn’t stop with one bite. 

Cafe Mangii - 10

8. MOLLEUX – A chocolate Sable biscuit served with vanilla ice cream. 

Cafe Mangii - 14

Cafe Mangii - 38

I was glad to decided to come there as their healthy desserts left me with a feeling of wanting more knowing very well that I don’t have to worry about the calorie intake. 

One of the nicer places in Orion Mall away from the hustle and bustle of the mall crowd where service is prompt and most importantly with a smile. 

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3 thoughts on “8 Guilt Free Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – Cafe Mangii

  • December 9, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Amazing the list of super delicious desserts is making me drool.Love tiramisu abd that 34 layers cake

  • December 9, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    I am a dessert lover who cannot stay away from chocolates and pastries. This seems to be a great option for someone like me!

  • December 10, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    This looks like a ravishing place to hangout with friends and family. The ambiance looks great. Menu sounds delightful.


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