695dd02d-56bc-478f-b7d3-1c3e8c4a967fHello, I am Rohini James. I am a Marketing professional and an Indian based blogger who’s passionate about food and eventually began writing about the food scene in Bangalore, India in 2016. Within a year of blogging, I have an engaged audience and presence across all social media platforms. I have a wide range of viewership from India, UK, US, Europe, SE Asia and beyond.

I work as a freelance food writer and social media influencer. Incidentally, I also have 15 years of International Business Development experience. My love for food initially started me on this journey and since I have branched to other passions such as Fitness, Travel, Lifestyle and Beauty blogging.


  • Restaurants
  • Culinary Workshops,
  • Hotels and Travel
  • Fitness Products
  • Beauty Products and Treatments
  • Lifestyle Products

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