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Anyone who knows me would never associate me with being a baked goodies lover. However there is always room for a few surprises and I would never fail to acknowledge a venture which makes me change my perceptions.


Being a part of the foodie circle in Bangalore, I have been hearing a lot about Empire Group’s new venture into bakery and confectionary products but still my usual misconceptions about such outlets stopped me from trying them out.



Recently I received a hamper from Atty’s Bakery from a friend and though sceptical I decided to dive in and check out all the well packed goodies in it.




The first item I picked out was the large loaf of garlic bread and I thought it was very soft with a light whiff of garlic in the bread and bits of oregano. It was a bit on the dry side but since I am quite used to making my own garlic bread, I added a bit of cheese, more oregano and olive oil and baked it which turned out to be a hit with my little ones.

There were 2 brownies – Salted Caramel and Chocolate Gooey brownies both of which were immensely enjoyed by my family and myself. I must mention though I would always prefer the chocolate brownie, the Salted Caramel took me by surprise with its caramel flavour and that perfect pinch of salt.




The next items were quite obviously the cakes – Atty’s Signature Pastry, Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache and Passion Fruit Mousse Pastry. I love chocolate hence without much hesitation I went for the Chocolate Ganache which was absolutely delicious thanks to the abundant use of dark chocolate. My hubby loved the Atty’s Signature pastry with its combination of banana sponge cake, mixed fruit jam filling, french and coffee cream and caramel sauce. The Red Velvet is nowadays a common enough pastry but I was quite surprised with the use of beetroot for the red colouring which is a definitely a plus in my books. The latest addition to their menu was the Passion Fruit Mousse was also long gone by then.



The Almond Biscotti did not look very appealing however once again I was forced to acknowledge that they were excellent and I though I munched on about 4 or 5 of them at a go, it did not feel too heavy.

I kept the Carrot cake as the last item to try not expecting much as it was after all just a carrot cake. However it was so soft and the flavour from the carrot and cinnamon was delightful making me want to finish the whole thing by myself ( I did share just a few bites!).



Atty’s Bakery
menu also comprises of dry fruit cakes, cookies, buns, savouries, muffins and cupcakes in addition to the above mentioned items. They have an in house well experienced team which make all the ingredients including the flour mixes. Their products are supposed to be chemical free, preservative free and alcohol free. They also take orders for customised cakes and special occasions to be made in advance.
I am glad to note that this bakery is not too far from my usual haunt and would definitely be dropping in to pick more goodies and pastries in the future.

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