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Biryanis has always had a special place in my heart and though I almost eat it once a week I just cannot have enough of it. There are more than 40 varieties of biryani though I have been fortunate to try only some of them. Hence whenever I hear of a new biryani outlet, I ensure I give it a try and this time around it turned out to be a food delivery start up. 

Potful is an apt name for a food delivery start up whose sole focus is to deliver piping hot biryanis cooked and delivered in a claypot. The concept of cooking in an earthen pot is by no means new but it is ingenious idea for a delivery service to offer such a service. When I heard about Potful, I did not think they would actually deliver it in a claypot as the pictures you see on similar food delivery sites never seem to replicate in actuality on delivery.

Their website interface is pleasing and simple to access. Their menu consists of Claypot biryanis, Classic Biryanis, Kebabs, Rolls and Desserts. 

Their main attraction are the Claypot biryanis from the usual Hyderabadi to the Nawabi Lucknowi to the flavourful Calcutta biryani. I ordered for a Hyderabadi and Calcutta Chicken Biryani, both of which were delivered hot thanks to the claypot though it was long drive to my residence. There truly is a difference in food cooked in claypots as I prepare certain dishes from Kerala the same way. I was quite pleased with the flavours in the biryani and there is nothing more enticing than the lovely aromas when opening a cooked dish in this case the claypot biryanis. 

For starters, I tried their Murgh Khada Masala and Galouti Kebab. The Murgh was well marinated with just the right amount of spices. The Galouti kebab served with tiny tava parathas melted in the mouth. 

My kids love rolls, hence I ordered the famous Calcutta chicken roll and Gelafi Mutton Seekh wrap. The rolls were well packed with wacky “Roll with it!” on the outer packing. Though I am more of Chicken lover, I dug into the Seekh wrap as well.

Desserts were a treat, served in a matka. The Pista kulfi had not melted and though I could only get a taste of it, my mom and kids enjoyed it. The Kesari Phirni was not far behind with its cardamom and kesar flavour ending the meal on just the right note.   

Potful maybe about the biryanis but their other dishes made quite an impact and I look forward to order more often from them in the future. 

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