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GFBaRr57The buzz word on everyone’s lips is “FITNESS”. With it comes the search for a good gym, comfortable pair of workout shoes, gym wear and most importantly keeping aside time to hit the gym. In between all this we forget that nutrition and recovery for our muscles is equally important to becoming fitter and stronger.

Women are now conscious about their health and workout at gyms and though they lose weight which may be their primary objective they are still not fit. There is an unspoken myth that lifting weights make women look bulky and the bigger myth is that if you take protein supplements and drinks you would begin to look like the muscular men you often see at the gym. I have personally educated many women at my gym about this and even encouraged some to begin using weights as part of their workout regime.

There are enough protein powders available in the market but if you are a woman you would still hesitate to go ahead and start using these protein powders. Though I have tried some protein powders, I am a bit uncomfortable using them due to some ingredients present in these powders.

For a long while I have been on the lookout for ready to drink protein shakes and I recently came across a brand called Zago which makes protein drinks called Body Buddy. Since I am lactose intolerant, the first thing I looked up was if it was lactose free and I was quite happy to know it was not only lactose free but also gluten free, soy free and most importantly sugar free. I am glad to notice that the brains behind this drink acknowledges the disadvantages of sugar in such drinks and has eliminated the use here.


A little reading up about the product provided me with the below information,

These drinks have been launched by a Bengaluru-based startup called Zagolife founded and headed by Sridhar Vardharaj. The ready to drink products called Body Buddy come in 4 flavours -Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Mango and Caramel Coffee and is priced at Rs.100 per bottle. It is the first Indian ready-to-drink protein drink, and probably the first in the world that need not be refrigerated. It is FSSAI certified and contain no preservatives.

“It provides 20g of protein per 330 ml which is a good amount of protein intake for a workout”. 


I noticed a disclaimer which mention that “This product contains Sucralose”. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and mainly a sugar substitute. I am not very sure of how adding Sucralose to the drink would work out in the long run on our body especially if it is going to be part of an everyday diet.



I used to be an athlete in my school and college days and after a gap of 13 years I finally decided to get my body back in shape. In 2016 I started running for 5k races across Bangalore and ended the year with 17 5K runs under my belt. In between all these races I have also been hitting the gym around 2-3 days a week.


In 2017, I have upped my races to 10k and though it has been a struggle initially as the months go I feel better with every race. My gym workouts have also improved and I can feel the changes in my body with respect to my muscles. I still haven’t achieved my dream body and I know it is going to be a long and probably never ending road but I’m getting there one day at a time.



Being a food lover and now a food blogger, my relationship with a healthy lifestyle is a 2 steps up and 1 step down process, but I do not intend to give up and know I have it in me to keep going.

I am a believer of eating natural and I personally prefer the natural sources of protein such as eggs. However certain days my workouts are more rigorous and hence the strain on my muscles is much more. Such days I need a larger amount of protein intake for muscle recovery and Zago Body Buddy seems like a good alternative for now especially if you are on the move.

In addition to the Body Buddy, Zago also has an oats-based meal equivalent drink called Breakfast Shake.



This drink is available in 3 flavours and is priced at Rs 75. The idea behind this product is to be a replacement to breakfast and a healthy one at that!




The Zago products are currently available in Godrej Natures Basket in Bengaluru and in other cities such as Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. Further, it also retails on e-commerce portals including Amazon (links attached in the blog), HealthKart and Bigbasket and its own website.

Do check out more about their products below-




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