Category: Fast Food

Winning Moves @ Dice N Dine

Sometimes a place beckons you with its catchy name and being in the popular food destination “Koramangala” in Bangalore definitely adds to the curiosity. Though I have been to many restaurants in and around Jyothi Nivas College, I have never given Dice N Dine an opportunity though I have visited their neighbouring restaurants many a time.

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Good Times @ Hoot Cafe & Brewery

“Hoot” a very different sounding brewery caught my attention when they opened in Bangalore a while ago. However considering they are located about 22 kms away, I always hesitated driving all the way. Recently thanks to a few friends I got the chance to make my way here on a pleasant Sunday evening. I have never

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Indulge Your Sweet Cravings @ Bhartiya Jalpan

A name like Bhartiya Jalpan does make you stop and wonder what kind of shop or establishment it is. That’s precisely what I thought when I saw a large bungalow on 100 ft Road Indira Nagar under renovation. A great location is the first step towards catching one’s attention and these guys know it. Though

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Burgers, Subs & Coffees @ Bean Flickers

Indira Nagar especially 12th Main Road is chock-a-block with restaurants so its a pleasant surprise to find a little cafe of sorts filled to capacity with eager food lovers. Though I have passed by this cafe many times in the last year, I have not had a chance to drop in and thanks to a

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Delve Into The Comfort of Papa John’s Pizza’s

Papa John’s Pizza is a household name across the globe with over 4700 branches in 37 countries. They believe in a simple motto – Better Ingredients, Better Pizza which is so true especially for a simple dish such as pizza. From humble beginnings in 1985, the story behind Papa John’s is a heartwarming. The growth from

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Vroom into Chug “The Garage Bar”

Theme pubs are the in thing in Bangalore and the owners of Chug – The Garage Bar have smartly taken up the Bikers theme. Thanks to the showrooms opened by Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, Triumph and many more the biker community in Bangalore is thriving and many biker gangs have been established over the last few months.