Category: Microbrewery

Barrels of Beer @ District 6

So finally I made to this part of town but to visit another restaurant but to my bad luck it was closed. So all my plans (which included visions of what I would order!) were crushed and that’s when I realized there was a place I have never tried before and a little cajoling from

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Good Times @ Hoot Cafe & Brewery

“Hoot” a very different sounding brewery caught my attention when they opened in Bangalore a while ago. However considering they are located about 22 kms away, I always hesitated driving all the way. Recently thanks to a few friends I got the chance to make my way here on a pleasant Sunday evening. I have never

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Wild Wild West @ Big Pitcher

Big Pitcher with its unique combination of different floors of themed restaurants caters to almost everyone’s need, which quite obviously varies from one individual to the other. The idea of one of Bangalore’s first Microbrewery trying to bring a change in the usual Pub scene with their idea of 6 floors having 5 interestingly themed

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