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Bangalore has in the last few years seen the rise of many different restaurants of which some especially the buffet kind has been extremely successful. 


Flechazo is one such buffet styled restaurant but with a nice twist where the customer is not only meant to enjoy their meal but also partake in it. 

Love at first sight maybe the true meaning of the word Flechazo but as a food lover I prefer to think of it as ‘Love at First Bite’. 

I was here for a weekday dinner and assumed I had reached a little too early. Hence my surprise when I saw the place was already packed. I know the restaurant has been doing very well and the reviews are always positive but you actually believe it when you actually see it first hand. 

Flechazo aims to serve Mediterranean and Asian cuisine which they have aptly  termed ‘Mediterrasia’. 

The ambience is colourful with yellow being the main color of choice to adorn the place. 


Being Christmas the place also is decorated with a lot of Xmas paraphernalia and the red with the yellow makes the place looks festive.


Coming to the vibe, the place is buzzing with an energy which is quite unexplainable and though packed to the brim, one is still able to enjoy their meal as the staff is right at your beck and call and tending to your every request.



The meal begins with a nice concept of serving small quantities of food aptly called Food Shots. These food shots are basically all cold / room temperature food items such as sushi, chaats, cold cuts etc. You would never have to wait for these food shots as it is quite cleverly placed on a revolving belt. What I like about these food shots are the fact that the vegetarians have equal number of options as the non vegetarians. 



My personal favourite among the food shots were the sushi and the chicken dimsum. 


Moving on, they also have a huge range of Veg and non veg starters which are served at the table. 


Surprisingly I loved the Veg starters more than the non Veg ones and that’s something coming from a hard core non vegetarian. 



We also had a few beverages – mocktails with the most interesting being the Lychee drink called Nitro Batida served with liquid nitrogen. I personally loved my Virgin Mojito too. 



Once done with the starters we were directed towards their pasta counter where you have the choice of getting them to make whatever kind of pasta you like.



I was more interested in their counter termed ‘The Big O’ which is an area where you can prepare your own Pizza and also bake it. This was an enjoyable experience and I am sure a hit not only with kids but adults also. 



So after all this, we moved on to the Christmas feast of Stuffed Turkey where in there is a Chef tossing pieces of the turkey and stuffing in choice of 2 sauces – one regular Giblet sauce and one sweetish sauce (Cranberry). Since I am quite familiar with the regular sauce, I went in for the sweet sauce topped with some warm brandy. This was absolutely divine and a must have!




So if you any space left after all the above courses you are directed to a soup counter serving both Veg and non veg soups. 



The Main course is placed right below their open kitchen consisting of salads, rice, Veg and non veg gravy options and some Asian as well as Indian dishes. 



Since I was already quite full, I tried their Biriyani and Rice and Dal. Both these dishes were well prepared and I intend to try more of their main course in my coming visits here. 


No meal is complete without desserts and these guys have some interesting desserts to match the Christmas spirit such as Santa’s elf (cake), Yule logs (chocolate cake) and the regular Indian sweets such as mini Jalebis, gulab jamun, gajar halwa etc. 

For those looking for a different ice cream experience, they also have a counter serving up on the spot prepared liquid nitrogen ice cream . I went for the Pan ice cream with Gulkand and if you love pan then you should not miss this. 

Flechazo is a restaurant with a food spread to knock you off your feet and this Christmas they have overdone themselves with a spread to please even the biggest critic. 

Their Santa food fest is running from 21st Dec to 1st January 2017 and block your tables coz they are packed with waiting time extending upto 2 hours and more. 

Veg – INR 500 ++

Non veg – INR 600 ++

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