Chetty’s Coffee – A Must Visit Breakfast Joint

I am not much of a morning person and the last year has been a challenge in terms of dragging myself out of bed at 4.00 am especially on Sundays to ensure I do my monthly runs.

So when I got an invite to visit this outlet, I thought I would probably never be able to make it as it was at the other end of the city but surprisingly I decided to brave it on a fine Sunday morning especially pumped after doing a good 10K at Cubbon Park.


Not being a regular to this area I was surprised to see the number of restaurants and food outlets that have cropped up on now a very bustling and busy 80 Feet Road on New BEL Road.

Inspite of this, it was not too difficult to locate this outlet thanks to a good number of people as well as bikes parked outside this joint.


Though outlet is a small and nondescript self service food outlet, the thing that stands out here is the focus on serving piping hot and tasty food.

The Menu is small and if you visit once you would be able to rattle off all their dishes by memory. Once again the focus here is to serve certain special dishes which you can identify this outlet by and come back for more.


Being a self service outlet, the decor is minimalistic but bright and cheerful. There is a stand and eat area on one side of the outlet and a seating area around a tree outside.

If you are new to this place then they have specifically made mention of some dishes which are their special and popular items.

SHAVIGE BATH : This is a common and popular breakfast and tea time dish in Karnataka. A simple enough dish for a quick breakfast and the one served here was seasoned perfectly.  A light breakfast item which is healthy too.


GHEE UPMA: I am a fan of upma but never tried an upma with ghee hence was a bit apprehensive when I saw this dish. But I was completely taken aback by what a little bit of ghee can do to the flavour of a normal upma. A must try here!


ANJOOR HALWA : I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but after seeing others around me try this dish, I had to have a taste of it. It was loaded with figs and of course loads of ghee and jaggery. It seems to be the kind of dish to end your breakfast.


KESARI BATH: Again a personal favourite and if I am not mistaken a one of the most popular Kannidga sweet items. Though common, their take on this dish was spot on.


PADDU : When I head for a snack, I am always on the look out for Paddu and very few places I have been too have it or they run out of it especially in the evenings. So I was overjoyed when I saw Paddu on their menu. Though I am more used to plain paddu, here the paddu is loaded inside with bits of onions giving it a better taste.


IDLI : Nothing special to mention about as it is almost impossible to go wrong with Idli but I must mention that they do not serve sambar here and idli also is served with some tasty chutney.



They specialise in 4 types of dosas-

AVALAKKI DOSA: A special dish here which is so fluffy and soft that it melts in your mouth. Served with regular chutney and garlic chutney. Again a must try!

MASALA DOSA: The usual dosa but could do with a little bit of more masala.

VEGETABLE DOSA: An interesting dosa and the vegetable for the day turned out to be beetroot. Not a beetroot person, the dosa definitely had the taste of beetroot. I assume everyday a different vegetable dosa is served here.

PICKLE DOSA : I love pickles and I quite did not understand what they meant by pickle dosa till I opened it up. This was my best dosa of the day and I loved the spicy element to the dosa. A little bit more of the pickle spread on the dosa would always be welcome!

LEMON TEA : My way of washing down my food and was a perfect way to end the meal.

CHETTY’ SPECIAL COFFEE : I could not leave this place without a sip of their special filter kappi and I would suggest if you love coffee then do try their coffee and you would be back for more.

All the hesitation and misgivings to travel far for breakfast was long gone and now I keep hoping they soon open another outlet in my part of the city (Hint!)

On a more serious note, Chetty’s Coffee now holds a special place in my heart and without a doubt one of the better places in Bangalore to head for breakfast or an evening snack.

PS: I saw numerous Swiggy delivery boys, hence I assume they are available for delivery via Swiggy.

Ambiance – 4/5  ( Self Service) 

Service – 4/5

Food Taste – 4.5/5

Quantity/Quality – 4.5/5

Value for Money4.5/5 

NOTE : The above mentioned visit was an invite to offer my feedback and suggestions and my blog post is my unbiased review.

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  • January 20, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Thank you so much Rohini James for the wonderful review . We hope to have more stores coming up in the near future. Thank you once again


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