Chocolate Paan from Maazana, Mapro

I just could not resist talking about 2 of my favourite things – Chocolate and Paan hence this blog post.

I recently came across an item in the supermarket called Chocolate Paan and did a double take to see if I read it right. Yes, there it was staring at me, smirking probably at my shock.


Paan is nowadays offered in many ways such as fresh chocolate paan provided by the paanwalas, ice cream, dessert etc but a packaged option providing paan coated with chocolate was a first for me.

For a chocolate and paan lover, this is a dream come true hence I recklessly picked up 2 packets of the same.

These small little yummy treats are brought to us by a well known brand Mapro Foods under the name of Mazaana. Mapro has been known in the market for its fruit jams, fruit beverage concentrates and fruit bars. A little in depth reading into their brand and products lead me to understand that the Mazaana range of dark and milk chocolate coated nuts have been available in the Indian market since 2012.

Though I am a regular shopper in supermarkets across Bangalore including some large and small range supermarkets I am noticing this product for the first time. Probably these are more popular outside South India hence my thoughts coming in quite late.

The packaging is done very well with a lot of thought given to information on chocolate provided on the back cover of the packet. The chocolate paans are packed into small covers to ensure there is no leaking in case of extreme heat and unstable conditions.


Coming to the taste, I did not expect the chocolate paan to be a replica of what I would get when having a fresh one. But I was happy to notice that the chocolate was of very good quality and melted in the mouth as one would expect. The paan inside does give a distinct flavour of paan but in combination with the chocolate imparts a great flavour.

The product is made with real rose petals and desiccated coconut powder. They claim to be Gluten free, free from hydrogenated vegetable fat and has a shelf life of 6 months. 

Priced at Rs.99/- per 80 gms pack the product is slightly on the expensive side but considering the cost involved in packing and quality, it is worth it.

They are also available online via their website Mapro Online Store as well as Amazon, Zopnow and local supermarkets.

This is a good product to offer guests after a lunch / dinner as a meal ending treat. I would recommend this product to those who like to try something different and are open to new ideas.

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