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Caffeine is available in many forms, but for many the day does not start without a cup of coffee. Coffee is part of my life and not a day goes without me having my daily dose of it.

Everyone likes to start their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee but as the day wears away you tend to bend towards having something cold and soothing and thats where these coffees make their way into a mid day /evening  routine.


From 1996 CCD and Barista’s introduced the concept of iced coffees into the Indian market, nowadays Starbucks and even McD are continuing the trend of these ever popular iced coffee beverages.

Coffee brewed and then chilled with ice is essentially Iced Coffee. However when you have it at a cafe it is easy to ensure the dilution levels of the coffee and the ice but as a packaged drink, I think there is a lot of extra process involved to ensure that the coffee flavour is maintained as well it remains chilled.

In this day and age having your coffee at your doorstep and not having to go to get it is a boon and this is where Dropkaffe enters the scene.



The company Dropkaffe was introduced in 2015 in Bangalore by a team of young individuals, Lakshmi Dasaka, Chaitanya Chitta, Rakshit Kejriwal and Amar Yashlaha with the intention of delivering coffee at your convenience.

Their first product line was their ready-to-drink Coffiato Cold Coffees. They recently changed the name from Coffiato to Oh My Goodness.

Their iced coffees contain no preservatives, artificial colours and have only natural ingredients hence reducing the shelf life of the product. They are to be consumed within 21 days from the date of bottling hence their tag line THINK FRESH, DRINK FRESH!

The entire process from sourcing the ingredients, to grinding, brewing and delivering them is taken care by the team at DropKaffe.

The packaged food industry in India is extremely large and with competition in the form of Nestle’s Nestea, Paperboat and others, Dropkaffe has a long way to go but seemed to have captured the coffee drinkers sentiments for now.


The Iced coffee is currently available in three flavours – Classic, Hazelnut and Vanilla.


Each bottle contains 200 ml and is priced at Rs.60.

They have also launched a range of Fruit-based smoothies in the market.


These beverages are available for subscription on a monthly basis or can be ordered online via Natures Basket as well as food delivery platforms such as ZopnowBig Basket, Grofers and Swiggy.

They are also available across several outlets like Food World, HyperCity, Godrej Nature’s Basket and Namdhari’s.


These iced coffees used to be available in glass bottles initially but now they have moved over to plastic bottles.

The bottles delivered to me where in good condition with no spillage or tampering of any sorts.


The Iced Coffees were delivered to my office address hence I had to wait till I went back home and had them iced in the refrigerator.

I was keen to try the Hazelnut flavour and it did not disappoint. There is a nice richness in the flavour which at the same time does not overpower the actual coffee flavour. I tried each flavour at the end of long and tiring day and I felt quite refreshed after chugging the iced coffee down.

Flavour and convenience are my utmost priorities when it comes to trying something new and these guys have definitely impressed me.

The team at DropKaffe pride themselves in bringing a product with quality, affordability and accessibility and I hope they continue to make that happen!

So if you are keen to give them a go, do check out their products.

Give them a holler on their Facebook page.

Delivery – Delivered as a trial. 

Packaging – 4/5

Taste – 4/5

Quality / Quantity -4/5 

Value for Money – 4.5/5 

NOTE : The above mentioned beverages were sent as a trial to offer my feedback and suggestions and my blog post is my unbiased review.

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