Delve Into The Comfort of Papa John’s Pizza’s

Papa John’s Pizza is a household name across the globe with over 4700 branches in 37 countries. They believe in a simple motto – Better Ingredients, Better Pizza which is so true especially for a simple dish such as pizza.


From humble beginnings in 1985, the story behind Papa John’s is a heartwarming. The growth from 1986 to 1992 to 100 franchises and to 500 franchises in 1999 is a feat which shows the success of Papa John’s Pizza.

Papa John’s currently has close to 100 outlets in India and is among the top 3 pizza delivery companies in the world.

I had the opportunity to visit their branch in Rammurthy Nagar and was impressed by the area occupied by this branch. Other pizza delivery chains have smaller outlets as their main business is home delivery hence it is a welcome change to see a pizza outlet having more than 10-15 tables for in a house meal.

The decor is all about their main colour Red and kept simple with wooden decor everywhere along with brief history about the outlet lining the walls.


Pizza and kids are synonymous and what better place to celebrate a kids birthday than a pizza place. They have a mini fun zone on the first floor with enough space to celebrate a birthday.


Pizza is definitely about the ingredients but one cannot miss how important a role the pizza base plays in the whole final product. I personally am a thin crust lover but I could not resist trying their new cheese splash crust on this visit.



A few new things on their menu is the addition of Haagen Dazs. Being a recent addition it is currently available only at their Malleshwaram, JP Nagar, Bannerghatta and Marathahalli outlets. I think this is a good move as Haagen Dazs ice creams are gaining popularity in India and having it served under the same roof is smart strategy.



Based on customer feedback over the years, they have some best sellers which are a combination of western as well as Indianized pizzas.


VEG PIZZA – Not much of a veggie pizza person, I was suggested to try one of their fast moving Pizza – Garden Special.

GARDEN SPECIAL : It is a combination of some fresh vegetables such as green capsicum, onions, olives, mushrooms topped with cheese. I tried this with the Cheese Burst Crust since I felt it was a light pizza hence the added cheese crust would make it just right.

A very light and fresh pizza which even the hard core non vegetarians would not mind trying!



SPICY PEPPER ROAST : Though I would normally not order for an Indianized pizza, this looked pretty good when served at the next table and hence landed up ordering one of these too. The chicken tikka is probably as Indian as it can get and topping a pizza with it made sense especially for those who like that Indian touch to their food.



Coming to the pizzas I like the most, those ones which are overloaded with all the non veg toppings available and Super Papa’s is the one to buy if you are a meat lover.

I would put this as one of their best pizzas and since it is quite a heavy pizza it makes sense to order it as a thin crust.



In my household, no pizza order is complete without a pepperoni pizza. I have never tried the ones here and I must mention the quality of the pepperoni used here is excellent. This is one of those pizzas where there is only one main ingredient – pepperoni and it is crucial to have good quality ingredients in such cases.

A mouth watering pepperoni pizza that one must order if you love pepperoni. While I love pork pepperoni, it is unfortunate that they do not serve Pork items hence we must make do with Lamb pepperoni.



CHEESESTICKS: I decided to keep it simple with garlic cheesesticks since the pizzas were quite filling in itself. Though I had it after an hour, it still tasted soft and cheesy after reheating in the microwave.



No meal even pizza is complete without something sweet hence tried their new dessert the Choco Mousse Cake and their regular dessert – Molten Lava Cake.

CHOCO MOUSSE CAKE: A simple mousse cake nicely layered with good amount of chocolate.


MOLTEN LAVA CAKE: A spin off from the ever popular choco lava cake in a different avatar.The lava cake actually resembles a lava mountain and once heated it oozes chocolate.


Though Papa John’s may not be a household name yet in India, their pizzas are well known and have loyal takers. With a little more presence via social media and advertising, I think they have a bright future ahead.

Delivery – Self pick up at their store. 

Packaging – 4/5

Food Taste – 4/5

Quality / Quantity -4/5 

Value for Money – 4/5 

NOTE : The above mentioned Pizzas were a trial to offer my feedback and suggestions and my blog post is my unbiased review about their food.

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