First Night Run @ Nirbhaya Midnight Marathon

Let me start by mentioning that these posts on my runs are coming in very late (almost 6 months late).

So I have been hitting the roads a bit more regularly in anticipation of the upcoming TCS run and decided why not try a night run for the heck of it!

The venue was KTPO Whitefield and the arrangements were a bit off with the parking a bit too far for the 4 wheelers.


Being part of the 5K run there were very less people when we entered the venue and that maybe because the 5K was scheduled for much earlier than midnight.


My friend and I were waiting for some announcements for the start of the run and suddenly we saw a sea of people running and realized that our run had just begun. Luckily we were able to join in the beginning 10-20 metres hence did not miss much.


The route for the 5K was pretty disappointing wherein we had to run on dark roads with no lightning, garbage laden roads and dogs!


Anyhow managed to complete without any undue mishaps.


I commend the organizers for their 1st Nirbhaya Marathon and I do hope the feedback we runners have provided post the run help them in their next event.


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