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Once again, Aloft Cessna Business Park brings to you flavours from a different city in India and this time its Delhi! The festival aptly named Delhi 6 takes place from 10th -21st April 2017 where you can experience Dilli delicacies.

Delhi 6

The food festival features a combination of all Delhi is known for from their chaats to Kebab’s from Karim’s, special biryani’s, delectable desserts and some unique indianized cocktails.


Start your meal with their simple but mouth watering chaats such as Papdi Chat, Chana jor garam and of course their pani puri’s. As usual there is one too many dishes on the table but I was lucky enough to try them all. My pick among them were the Bhelpuri and Sev Puri. As usual the presentation was top notch!

Whats a festival without some beverages and their Dilliwaali cocktails are worth a try too! The Aam panna daiquiri and Jal Jeera Margarita were the ones I liked.

We also had the bartender send our way some whisky and chocolate based cocktails. The Espresso Old fashioned was a great drink which was reordered by many!

Move over to their starters which reminds you of your dilli visits such as Boti kebab, Gosht kakori kebab, Paneer mewa ki khurchan and many more. The variety of kebabs were quite good ranging from Dahi kai kebab, Bherwa galouti kebab, Gosht Kakori kebab and Boti kebab. I really liked the Gosht Kakori Kebab as the meat was soft and literally melted in my mouth.

The main course was also a large spread including gravies such as Baba butter chicken, Murgh sagwala, Kasundi macchali, Khan market ka bhuna chicken, Paneer dhaniya adraki, Loki kofta curry, Bhindi nentara and Dal dhaba. 

By this time, my hunger had settled in with the starters and chaats hence I took small portions of all the gravies to taste them all. The butter chicken tasted very different though I assume it must be what is served in the North.

The rice dishes were as expected a variety of biryani’s such as Bhori mutton biryani, Awadhi murgh biryani, Kashmiri pulao and Kali moti ka pulao.


Now if you have a sweet tooth and are not sure if you would make it to desserts why not steal a few in between courses especially some wonderful rasgullas from their Rasgulla bar, Anarkali, Mewa strawberry to name a few.


A taste of Gola was mandatory even it if there’s no space to have it! A perfect ending to our meal.


The Delhi 6 Food Festival is on from 10th-21st April 2017 for lunch and dinner and priced at Rs.1099/-.

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