Fun & Frolic @ Loveshack

This lounge has been on my go-to list for a long while now.

Finally I landed up here on being invited with fellow foodies / bloggers for a Ladies night.



Located in Domlur opposite Embassy Golf Links on Intermediate Ring Road this lounge has a distinct advantage. They are part of the group, which also manages Dishoom (same building) and Loft 38 (Indira Nagar). Though they are located on the top most floor of the Maruthi Showroom building, luckily enough they have ample car parking (done via the Valet).

Being on the rooftop the view is quite nice and Bangalore’s cool night weather adds that extra shack-like feel to the whole setup. The open air also helps as the lounge also serves hookahs. I understand that the whole place has been through a complete revamp in terms of décor. What I saw on my visit was a contemporary feel but with a touch of rustic (check out the Turkish lamps over the bar). We were seated on the mezzanine floor and had a great view of the whole place including the bar and make shift dance floor.


Being a Ladies night I was expecting a good crowd and Bangalore did not disappoint as the place was packed to the brim by 10.00 pm. Realizing that it Karaoke night was an added bonus.Their DJ for the night was quite good belting out some latest as well 80’s and 90’s popular songs till about 10.00 pm post which he switched to Karaoke mode. There were a few birthdays in the house that night and hence the first song was sung by one of the birthday gals. What makes me talk about this particular lady was that she had an amazing voice and the whole house enjoyed and sang along with her. After all this is what one comes to enjoy and to have a good time.


They have a dance floor, which can accommodate more than one expects and being located in front of the screen during karaoke was a good move. Our whole group had a great time belting out some of the songs along with the rest of the crowd.


Coming to the beverages there was a lot to choose from this night and I started with the cocktail called 18 till you die which is mix of vodka, tequila, Cranberry, Orange and ginger. I did like the whole mix except for the ginger but it was not too overpowering hence it was an okay drink. This was followed much later by a Wrong Island Iced tea, which is a twist to the LIIT having Whiskey and Ginger ale. This drink was very good and though LIIT would remain a favorite, this drink is must try at least once.


While the drinks were in full flow as expected during such a night, the servers did a great job serving up the appetizers.



CORN CHEESE BALLS – Simple and crunchy snack with drinks.

JALAPENOS CROQUETTES – I love anything with jalapenos. This dish could have had a little more jalapenos and a little less cheese. But that’s just to suit my taste.




A nice mix of chilli and soy with good quality paneer.



HAM AND CHEESE CROQUETTES – A bit disappointed with this starter as the quality of ham seemed a bit off.


CHICKEN WINGS – Good old chicken wings this time with a bit of some secret (?) sauce which gave that special taste.



A similar combination to the paneer except with chicken and still a great spicy starter for drinks.



Perfectly made pork with the right amount of vinegar to thrill the taste buds.


Just had a taste of this starter before dashing off to the dance floor.


THAI RED CURRY – I love Thai curries but never had the heart to try out vegetarian when non-veg is around. Hence my surprise at the wonderful flavour of this dish especially from the zucchini. This was served with rice.

SHACK STYLE COUS COUS – Not a big fan of cous cous but the sides (grilled paneer) added good flavour to the whole dish.



Made with coconut milk and some interesting spices it was the best main course of the night (for me) served with steamed white rice. It definitely caught everyone’s attention at our table that we ordered for a round 2 of the same.

CHICKEN GHEE ROAST – served with Indian bread.


Very well prepared ghee roast and well liked.




It’s an simple dessert but they were bang on the mark with taste.



Not much of cheesecake person, hence just had a bite and it was nice.



This was by far the best dessert for me and I dug into it!



A huge chocolate tart with a good amount of quality chocolate served with vanilla ice cream.

A special mention to the plating of the desserts, which was done very well.

Every time I visit such lounges I keep an open mind as the ambience and music always come first in my opinion. If these two parameters hit the mark then only do the drinks and food matter. I must say that the new and revamped Loveshack is a great bet for the crowd looking for good music, cozy (though crowded) ambience, fun cocktails and good grub. The main course was very good and so were the desserts. A little more attention could be given to the plating and quality of the appetizers served.

Loveshack may not be the most popular place in town but they have the all the pieces in place for one to have a great night out!

Overall, a great party place and hangout and definitely a must visit on Ladies and Karaoke nights!

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