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Food cooked over a live open fire is one of my favourite kinds of cooked food and is considered to be one of the oldest forms of cooking. However in India, the concept of grills is a bit confused with barbecues. The concept of grilling is mainly over a open fire and meant to grill already cooked meat to perfection however a barbecue mostly entails a slower cooking process with all around fire source for the more tougher meats such as pork / tenderloin cuts. However nowadays the equipment available can do both jobs making it a win situations for those who love food prepared in this way. 

That said, no one really has the time to marinate meat/vegetables, light up a grill and prepare grilled food at home, hence we look for easier alternatives and there have been a few restaurants especially in Bangalore who cater to this food. One of the restaurants who has been recognised in this niche is Sigree Global Grill via Times Good Food Award for Best Multi Cuisine Buffet in Mumbai. In addition to Mumbai, they also have branches in Chennai and Bangalore. 

Variety is the spice of life and who says it should not extend to food. One of my dilemmas when dining out is whether it should be a Ala Carte or a Buffet spread. Restaurants such Sigree Global Grill has taken up this challenge of offering unlimited grilled food along with a sumptuous buffet spread. 

Sigree Global Grill is located in Kalyan Nagar which is soon becoming one of the popular destinations for dining out. One of the most surprising elements of the decor here is the well light ambience allowing patrons to enjoy their meal by sight and not only in flavour something that is lacking in other similar establishments. Though it was a weekday the place was brimming with guests enjoying a mid week meal in the company of friends and family. The restaurant is celebrating a Kolkata themed buffet and since I love trying different cuisines I couldn’t have chosen a better time to visit. 

This was a family dinner for us and we started with ordering a few mocktails – Nutty Fruity, Curried Apples, Orange Passion Frappe and a conventional Mojito for myself. The beverages are always an afterthought in places such as these where the effort is mostly on the grills but to my surprise every drink had a unique and well blended taste.



Since we had kids at the table, the first dish we were served from the menu was Three Pepper Pizza which looked quite ordinary at first glance but surprised us all with simple yet the right flavours. This was followed with a selection of various breads such as garlic bread, herb roll etc to tease the palette before the meal. 

To me there is nothing more appealing that the sight of skewers loaded with different meat preparations including seafood sizzling over charcoal. Each table has a personal grill and you can view your favourite dishes being grilled to perfection.That particular day the grills served were BBQ Chicken Wings, Coriander Pesto Fish, Tandoori Spiced Prawns along with some Bengali grills – Narkel Lonka Diye Murgh and Dhaka Murgh Tikka. While we all have our tastes and opinions the mutual favourite on the table was the Prawns and the Bengali preparations. Meanwhile there was the Kasundi Fish Finger and Gosht Seekh Kebab served separately, the former such a revelation.  

Not to leave out the vegetarian grilled preparations of Paanchphoran Paneer Tikka , Basil Pesto Mushroom and Mediterranean Potato. For a change the pineapple is prepared as a stand alone dish and the Crispy Pineapple in Devil’s sauce was one of the best I had tasted in a long while as the marination had soaked into the pineapple making it delicious all the way to the last bite. The Kurkure Corn chat was a nice addition to the meal, light and crunchy. 


While we take a break from the grills and relax during the meal, I did walk across to try small portions from their Salad counter. My daughter loves her pasta and their live Pasta counter had many takers too. 

While I love feasting on grills, the main course buffet spread across one side of the restaurant looked too tempting to miss especially the specially prepared Bengali dishes especially Luchi with Rui Tomatoer Jhal. I have always loved the Kolkata Mutton biryani and it was the perfect way to end my meal here. 


With so much to offer till now, it is expected that the dessert would be quite standardized with different mousse dishes, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Mud Tart. But thanks to the ongoing Kolkata food festival we got to try their Gulab Jamun, Malpua and ShaktiGarar Baby Langhca. There is a separate section for the health conscious with a variety of cut fruits and ice cream too.  

In my opinion when it comes to grills and buffet the experience can be disappointing with the quality of food taking a backseat with more emphasis on quantity over quality which is not the case here. I am glad to note that Sigree Global Grill wants to bring the best possible grill experience making sure there is something for everyone here. 

I am surprised it has taken me this long to visit Sigree Global Grills, but be forewarned to bring along a big appetite!

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