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There is so much an area can appeal to one and I felt that Indira Nagar though one of the nicest neighbourhoods in my city has reached its point of saturation especially with restaurants. I hate to see it go the Koramangala way and I dearly hope it will not be the case five years from now. That said, investors and restaurateurs know the appeal of Indira Nagar and are still venturing into opening restaurants in this area. One such venture is Elvnthrty One aka 1131 which is the sister concern of the well known House of Commons. Elvnthrty One is located on 100 Feet Road in Indira Nagar above Smoor and has a enviable prime location in the heart of the area. While Smoor has its cafe food and desserts, Elvnthrty One is meant for the loungers who want to catch up over a beer or few cocktails. 

My visit to this interesting place happened surprisingly on a weekday when I was in the area with my family for some personal work. It was school day and my kids were thirsty and hungry when we decided to drop by Smoor to pick up my son’s favourite Rainbow cake before looking for a place to crash for a bit and grab a bite. But when we drove upto Smoor, Elvnthrty One beckoned and the family seemed to want to try this new place instead of looking elsewhere. So with kids in tow we walked upto the first floor and almost settled in assuming this was the only floor.

While the area may not look very large from the outside, one step into the interiors are you know the amount of work gone into the whole set up. This restaurant cum lounge is spread over 3 floors with the first floor catering to families and those who prefer to have a quiet time without loud music and within the comfort of air conditioning. Another unique addition on this floor is a Golf Simulation room where in you get to go a few rounds with a professional who can takes through the ropes if you aren’t familiar with the game. 

Luckily enough the manager was in the vicinity and asked us if we wanted to check out the upper floor as the weather (it was 5.30 pm) was breezy and pleasant. One look at the second floor and everyone decided this would be ideal for an evening meal. The second floor is the main floor where all the action happens which also houses a long and eye catching bar and an open kitchen. More than the bar and kitchen, I loved the mini roofless area where there are benches put in beside some well kept plant walls. There is a sense of sitting among nature especially in the evenings enjoying a mug of beer listening or watching music play on the large screen beside the wall. The decor across this floor is quite eye catching and grunge in its own way. 

The third floor is opened only post 7 pm when the below floors are completely occupied. There is a DJ console on this floor which overlooks the second floor probably when the open area below can be converted into a makeshift dance floor. The ambience is similar to the below floor keeping with casual and outdoorsy. 

The menu is quite the read, but I am an expert by now at figuring out what I need to order since I know my family’s preferences and since the kids were hungry, I went about ordering a handful of starters to get the meal started along with a few cocktails and mocktails. Among the starters we tried were Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers, Thyme Crusted Fish Fingers, Broccoli and Water Chestnuts, Basil Chicken Dimsums. For the kids, I ordered for the Berry Blast and Desi Punch for the hubby. I decided to check out the cocktails and settled for a Paan Banaras Wala. While the kids enjoyed the mocktails, I felt it was a tad sweet for me as I do not consume much sugar hence the feeling. The Paan Banaras Wala was quite the potent drink having a combination of vodka, rum, gin along with blue curacao, orange juice, paan syrup and soda. I love all things paan related and enjoyed my drink. 


The Chicken Skewers were solely for the kids as I knew it would be a bit bland but surprisingly I also enjoyed having this chicken appetizer. The dimsums were quite the sight for the eyes coloured orange and that was enough to catch the attention of my kids. While my son loves dimsums, I normally have to coerce my daughter to try the dimsums which was not the case this time thanks to the orange colour. The dimsums were well prepared and we enjoyed the same. The Thyme crusted fish was a overthought of an order and no one was actually in the mood for fish that day which landed me munching away quite a few of them. 


As a family, when we check out casual places like these, we normally end of gorging on one too many appetizers but this time everyone had room for main course and we landed up ordering a BBQ Chicken Pizza (kids) and Moroccan Infused Flattened Chicken sizzler. The Pizza was on our table in no time and the kids dug into it with relish. While I liked the pizza, I did wish the chicken pieces were a little smaller making it easier to eat, a suggestion I made to our attendant too. My sizzler was very interesting with loads of harissa spices veggies, thin slices of chicken breast with spaghetti olio. This dish was shared between my husband and me and turned out to be a good choice for main course. 

Though we really were not in the mood for dessert, I love lava cake and I had to try their Molten Lava cake. The dessert itself is quite unassuming but once you dig in the chocolate flowing out of it makes it one amazing way to end the meal. My hubby’s choice of Sizzling 1131 was not far behind with the sizzler presentation being the highlight especially for the kids. 

Elvnthrty One is no House of Commons with its massive space and extensive choice of food and spirits. I do suggest you stop in the evenings especially to try their crazy happy hours offers where you can get a Pizza and a beer at just Rs.249/.

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6 thoughts on “Hangout For All | Elvnthrty One 1131 | Bangalore

  • March 4, 2018 at 11:59 am

    The ambience and food presentation is so good .. looks so soothing and definetly a place to dine with family

  • March 4, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    I liked the ambience at the second floor.the pics looked very tempting.

  • March 5, 2018 at 4:54 am

    The food looks delicious! I loved the concept of golf simulation and the vertical garden on the top floor! I loved walking in Indiranagar when we were there, I would hate to see it lose it’s tranquil and green environs.

  • March 6, 2018 at 8:15 am

    Everytime with your blog I get hungry… Dimshums and paan drink looked great . loved the idea of making the ambience green with vertical garden ..

  • March 6, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    This place looks so fascinating… Hope you had a good time there..

  • March 7, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Totally love the idea of a golf simulation room. How cool! This is my must visit next time in bangalore since I too love dimsums


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