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Everyone is looking for a catchy name for their business venture and so are restaurateurs and I find the name Mobydick to be a great one. It’s not because of the probable connection to the novel by the same name but by the sheer use of a classic name in this modern day.


Being a regular to Koramangala, this was not my first tryst with the food at Mobydick though it was a simple and quick meal by way of a delivery to my office. The food I recollect was very good and so was the beverage I ordered that I knew it would a matter of time when I make my way to their cafe.


I find the JNC area to be bursting beyond its limits with people and restaurants and not necessarily in that order sometimes. So when I realized they are located here, I did have some second thoughts about heading here. Finally I made it here with my friends on a sweltry Tuesday afternoon and I was glad to notice their location is quite manageable though I would suggest to bring your bike rather than your car.


The cafe is inviting with a board kept outside for passerby’s to note the specials for the day. A friendly staff members welcomes you in and though a cafe the place seems huge especially considering their prime location. Since I was the first to arrive I looked for a cosy yet central table and got myself oriented with the place which is a must for me nowadays with the food blogging and all.

It turned out to be one of my lucky days as the owner was in and he gave a small rundown about the cafe and turned a blind eye to the crazy number of pics I kept clicking away.


I was quite thirsty due to peak afternoon heat and hence went about ordering a drink – Espresso Mojito.I know this drink sounds so completely out of sorts after all how can you combine espresso and a mojito. But it was one of those drinks where you take a sip and go ‘Wow’ and that was the same reaction I got when I asked my friends who joined me to try my drink.


Now that my friends had joined we went about ordering more drinks over the course of the meal – Iced Tiramisu, Mango Surprise, Orange Lemonade and Salted Caramel Coffee. Once again, the simple ones like the Orange Lemonade stole the show. If you are into milk based drinks then the Mango surprise is the choice to make.

For starters we decided to take it a bit easy as I have heard a lot about their main course dishes and hence ordered a Spinach, Garlic and Cheese Samosa, Crispy Chilli Lotus Stem and BBQ Chicken Wings. Though I do not normally eat samosas due to the oil and unhealthy factor  these samosas were made from scratch in the cafe and the texture was soft and not oily. The stuffing definitely added to the flavour. The lotus stem was quite good though I felt a little overpowered with the sauce dressing.




For the main course I decided to go for the Spinach Mushroom stuffed Chicken Steak and my friend opted for the Veg Indonesian Curry Noodles. My steak dish was unlike normal steak and was more of chicken stuffed roll and sliced into pieces with generous topping of mushroom sauce served with veggies and rice. I could not do justice to the dish as I was already quite full though I think this is a dish worth ordering when I come here next time. The curry noodles looked quite appetizing and I know my friend really enjoyed her dish.



There is no way we were heading out without trying some of their signature desserts and I managed to take a bite of their Baked Rasagulla, Sizzling Brownie and Mississippi Mud Pie. The Baked rasagulla is a very innovative and quite light on the tummy.


The brownie is a touch and go mainly because it needs to be eaten right away and I generally do not like hot desserts.


The Mississippi Mud Pie was the best of the lot not because it had oodles of chocolate in it but it felt like the perfect dessert to end our meal.


In addition, to the above three they also have some other very delicious looking desserts which I only clicked a few pics and cannot wait to try next time.

Definitely a great hang out spot in Koramangala and I look forward to going back there soon.

Ambiance – 3.5/5 

Service/Hospitality – 4.0/5

Food Taste – 4.0/5

Beverages– 4.5/5 

Quantity/Quality – 4.0/5

Value for Money – 4.0/5

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