Invest in Yourself | Essence of Kai @ Forage | 14 July 2018

Imagine a world where a woman is given a chance to drop her various masks and just be herself. Without judgment, without fear. It’s something all of us women aspire to be but somehow don’t think it’s for us. The modern Indian woman is a complex being  and we live in an age where we are pulled in so many different directions. Husbands are telling us this and that, work says we have to be this person, in-laws and parents expect us to be doing this and as a result of which we are stretched so thin and doing so much that we are exhausted and sometimes left feeling under appreciated.

The founder and creator of Kai felt the same way when she decided to pursue a long cherished about dream of making delicate and exquisite lingerie for women, because it always empowered her. She wanted to share this feeling with other women, to show them that just for themselves, they could indulge and invest time in feeling like a princess and they didn’t need the world’s approval.

Her vision was to offer a products of international design standards to the Indian women of today and empower them with a product which would make them look and feel great about themselves, in a way celebrating their womanhood. Thus was born the exquisite luxury sleepwear line called KAI for the woman who wants to treat herself to feeling good in spite of everything she faces around her. She is greatly influenced by the ancient Japanese Martial Art, Ninjutsu which is the art of Perseverance and KAI is a reflection of the woman she has become.

She has created the Brand KAI in two parts – 

Kai by Dayfor the boss woman – a line of delicate and chic office wear to smart casuals 

Kai by Nightfor this same woman who dares greatly in her bedroom. (KAI – from the bedroom to the boardroom)

With the best of materials such as 100% pure silks from China, fine Chantilly laces from France, KAI is designed and made in India.

Her research led her to believe that there is this thing called the Golden Hour or the KAI hour, a time to reconnect with yourself and indulge yourself. Her way of doing it is through clothes and through a brand that stands for that. A brand that visibly makes you feel more elevated, more comfortable and more restored. She believes that the combination of luxurious silk with soft French lace is the right way to do that.

Price range : INR 5500 onwards.

Come and celebrate the Essence of Kai at Forage on 14th July from 1pm onwards. 

Image courtesy : KAI 

Disclaimer : This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not considered to be a review or a recommendation.

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