The Lean Snack – The Zero Regret Snack

While we plan our major meals in the day, it has always been a hurdle to find something healthy to munch on in between them. We are surrounded with a myriad of snacking options, but none healthy. It is this time in between meals, or while working late in the night that we tend to go for products something off the shelf, that are loaded with calories, sugars and fats. The Lean Snack was born out of this need for healthy snacking options in the country. Snacking has been and will be an important part of this generation’s diet, who are always on the move and have little time to plan every small snack.

Their mission is to provide delicious and healthy snacking options for everyone; be that individual be a fitness enthusiast, someone on a diet, or a hustler like us wanting to have something on the go. They have launched four nutritious snack bars made of oats, honey, jaggery in combination with fruit and nut flavours. The primary reason for choosing oats as the base are because they are complex carbs. Complex carbs pack in more nutrients than simple carbs, because they are higher in fiber and digest more slowly. These bars are packed with antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. This aids to curb hunger for a longer time while helping you stick to your fitness goals. All the ingredients used are 100% natural and there is no addition of any kind of refined sugars.

Their aim is to provide their bars as the go to snack for any and everyone looking for a healthier snack option. These bars can also be consumed by kids, working people and elders alike. It is important to educate the consumer at a young age on the benefits of healthy diet, and encourage them to form healthy eating habits at an early age.

These bars can be ordered online through their website with shipping across India. They also supply combo packs in packs of 4/8/10/12/16, where one can get a few weeks or a months supply. Keeping them handy while travelling or in there laptop bags, will greatly help to avoid making an impulsive decision towards healthier options. They have plans to launch four more flavours and bars with a different carbohydrate sources, towards the mid of 2018 using superfoods like Quinoa and Chia.

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