Once Upon a New Year in 2016

The word “Fitness” never existed in my life till I woke up one fine morning in Jan 2016 and decided I want to get fit. I know some may call it a New Year’s resolution but I do not believe in resolutions and hence took it as a challenge rather than a resolution.

The last few years of my life had just passed by mainly focusing on my family, work and kids. Thus started my journey with my first run a 3K in Jan 2016 at Pinkathon Bangalore. Fitness can be any form of activity be it running, cycling, swimming, trekking, walking, dancing etc which makes you happy and helps you to challenge yourself to do better.

I know there will be a lot of women out there who understand how difficult it is to juggle work, family and at the same time trying to stay healthy and fit.

I hope these experiences I share will help, if not push others to try to make those changes which will help them stay fit and happy!

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