Pamper Yourself with Bomb Cosmetics @ Body Craft Spa & Salon, Bangalore

Things have changed a bit since I started writing this blog last year and I decided it is time to take it to the next level and I couldn’t think of a better way than a foray into blogging about something different from my usual.


My first visit to Bodycraft Spa & Salon was way back in 2007 when they were recommended to me by a friend.  At that time they operated out of apartment building in Frazer Town. Since I was preparing for my wedding, I was taken through the entire package by Ms.Manjul Gupta, a very pleasant and efficient lady. Little did I realize at that time that she was the owner of the salon! I was quite insistent on my wedding make up being subtle and quite wary, hence Ms.Swathi Gupta was sweet enough to come over to the salon at 5 am on a Sunday morning and personally have my make up done.

Sometimes such experiences make you want to return for more and since then I have been a loyal customer to this salon for the last 10 years and continue to be a regular here. Be it any occasion or special event, I have always visited Bodycraft to feel good.


Bodycraft had its beginnings in 1991 started under the able hands of Ms Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shahnaz Hussain. Since its inception, they have grown exponentially and now offers more than 400 services across salon and styling, wellness, skin care and cosmetology categories.

They currently have nine unisex salons in Bengaluru and caters to approximately 25,000 clients every month. The company, has more than 500 professionals trained by international experts from Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and EZFlow. They also retails more than 185 of its products.

I was recently invited to experience and review their newly launched Bomb cosmetic services at the Bodycraft Spa & Salon located in the posh neighbourhood of Whitefield. Since they opened in Whitefield a few years ago, I have been a regular here and many of the staff know me well. But this was the first time, I came in for a review.

As in all their outlets, every floor has a dedicated area for hair styling and treatments, the spa and skin clinic. The simplistic ambience is soothing and perfect for a luxurious experience. Their staff is always welcoming and professional to people from all walks of life.



Since it was the day of the launch in the Whitefield branch, there were a lot of manicure and pedicure appointments and I had to use their 2nd floor area for my experience.

Bomb Cosmetics products look absolutely cute in the shape of cup cakes almost passing off as edible. The cupcakes are broken into small bits and dropped into the water. My hands and feet were allowed to soak in that water for 10 mins to release the oils and nourish the skin.

After the usual process of cutting and cleaning the nails, a scrub was used to clear away the dead skin. A mask was applied for my hands and feet and kept on for 10 mins. The mask contains essential oils which help keep the skin soft and nourished.


The mask is then removed with a hot wet towel and at the end a Bomb cosmetics cream along with soya oil from the candle is massaged into the hands and feet.

As per their usual service, I was offered refreshments in the form of a lemon juice during the service.

Here is some technical information on the product I used.

Bomb Cosmetics is a bath and skin care brand from the UK. The handmade products are designed to be visually appealing and fragrant. Bomb products are made with moisturizing ingredients like pure essential oil, generous quantities natural butter like shea and cocoa, having a neutral pH level to stop the skin from drying out.


Bomb guarantees to provide extensive care to the skin and hair. Known to have therapeutic effect, the product revitalizes and hydrate the skin. Bomb cosmetics is against animal testing and every piece is handmade and natural.


I have had many manicures and pedicures done here and by far this is one of the best experiences specifically due to how soft and revitalized my hands and feet felt after the service.

So do yourself a favor and try out their Bomb Cosmetic services.

Disclaimer: My service was hosted by Bodycraft Spa & Salon, Bangalore and the opinions expressed in my blog post remain my own.


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