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I am a slave to good tasty food and when I heard about 75 in a Box my curiosity got the better of me.


I have been doing runs (5k and 10K) for the last 12 months and also into strength training with the intention of staying fit. However my love for food has got me into food reviewing and there doesnt go a week where I haven’t over indulged.

Hence I jumped at the opportunity when 75 in a Box offered me a trial of their fitness food with an option of a tailor made package to suit my needs (toning).

I have never tried any fitness focussed meal and never ever counted my calorie intake though I know I should be incorporating more protein into my diet everyday.

What is all the fuss about Fitness Food and why do we need it?

In this post, I will try to highlight what 75 in a Box aims to bring to the health conscious folks here in Bangalore. Their focus is on Sports Nutrition or Fitness Nutrition  and their name has a very simple story in that 25% of one’s body is based on exercise and the remaining 75% depends on what food one eats.





Based on the specific target for each individual they have based their focus on three categories which in turn is customized to suit your activity levels.

  1. Fat Loss
  2. Lean Gain
  3. Endurance







DAY 1 : Chicken Spinach Roulade with Brown Rice, Mushrooms and Potatoes. 

DAY 2: Grilled Fish with Potato mash, Corn, Brocholli and Garlic Sauce 


DAY 3: Black Bean chicken with Bo Choy, sprouts and noodles. 



The team at 75 In A Box would collect the body stats and other information about the customer and tailor make the nutrition plan that would help their customer to reach their goal. Their goal could be Fat Loss to get the shredded look, Lean Mass to pack more muscle and Endurance to perform like never before.

The nutritional plan goes through an algorithm to come up with a curated meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner) and their Nutritionist would verify the information with a personalized call to the customer.


Each customer would have an option to choose anywhere between 1-3 meals a day and top-up with snacks.



I did like all the three different meals and as expected they are a bit low on the flavour factor but their freshness combined with various options provided, I think for me was the most surprising element. In addition, each meal may not look large in quantity but they were very filling.

As far as results go, I did only a 3 day trial hence I did not expect much changes however the every evening I noticed I was full of energy and felt a special feel-good factor.

Healthy eating is essential for a healthy lifestyle and now thanks to 75 in a Box it is no longer a far fetched option.

75 in a Box is an excellent concept where in they ensure that each individual’s meal is customized to suit their particular needs and at the same time delivers healthy food at your doorstep.

Images Courtesy (except My Trial images):  75 in a Box

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