Rahhams – A Taste You Will Never Forget!

If someone asks me what is my favourite dish, my answer would always remain the same i.e. Biryani. After all me and probably 80% of the people I know love to feast on a good biryani. There could not be a better time for this blog post as it is Ramadan and this time is synonymous with one thing – Biryani!

Bangalore has many options for this dish ranging from the posh restaurants to the simple roadside biryani joints. However I truly found a great destination for biryani only after a recommendation by a family friend and this was way back in 2010.


I only know that the place was called Richies and after a lot of searching I finally realized that Richies and Rahhams were one and the same. My first visit was on weekday afternoon at their Frazer town restaurant and we were a bit late, past the usual lunch hour and were flabbergasted to see the restaurant packed at 2.30 pm. Luckily enough, we got a table pretty quickly and though it was many years ago, I recollect that was turning point in my search for good biryani. Fast forward 7 years later and I still head here when craving for a biryani.

The decor is very basic, comfortable and very clean and it is a what you see is what you get kind of regular restaurant. The service is prompt and the focus is to get the customers their food in a jiffy and hence the turnaround time especially during rush hours is amazingly quick.



I love my kebab’s and after a few trials and errors I have found my favourite kebab here namely – Sholay Kebab. They have some trick up their sleeve when it comes to their meat and it is very soft and literally melts in your mouth. The Sholay Kebab is served as small pieces with every piece marinated so well and with a lingering taste of curry leaves that you cannot just have a few.


Sholay Kebab

On my latest visit to this restaurant, I decided to try a new kebab item recommended by a friend – Pahadi Kebab. These are long boneless slices of kebab even softer than the Sholay kebab but so different in taste. The picture does not do justice to the dish and if you visit here, then this is also a must try here.

Pahadi Kebab

I personally do not like mutton but this is the only place where I cannot resist the mutton as the meat for this dish is also so tender and soft and just disappears into your mouth. The rice used for the biryani is not the usual long grain you would expect but smaller grains but does not in any way hamper the taste. The taste of Rahhams biryani is difficult to express in words and all I can say is you just cannot have it once. I have been so busy devouring their biryani that little did I realize it is supposedly authentic Karnataka type of biryani.

Mutton Biryani


Do note, if you come after 12.30 pm or after 8.30 pm on weekends for take away for biriyani, it will be over.. That’s how popular this place is!


So, if you have been on a search for good biryani then this is the place to head too.

In my books, definitely one of the best Mutton Biryani’s in Bangalore.

Ambiance – 3/5 

Service/Hospitality – 4/5

Food Taste – 4.5/5

Quantity/Quality – 4.5/5

Value for Money 4.5/5

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