Rediscovering My Love for Tea

2018 is done and over with and I have been reminiscing on what an exciting year it has been for me. 

I have been part of a community of bloggers and social media influencers who have been my family for the last year and without whose support I would not have gained these wonderful experiences. In spite of what others think, we support, motivate and inspire each other and in the process I have made some good friends too. I wanted this year to be the year where I make conscious changes to my diet. I have always been a coffee addict and the amount of caffeine I consumed on a daily basis was in no way acceptable by even my standards. 

Though we are well into the month of January, the weather in Bangalore and most of Southern India has been quite bitterly cold. While this is not a complaint as I am happy to welcome such weather, it has been cause for a round of cold and flu among my family members. Thanks to the biting cold, I have turned to Tea to provide some comfort and soothe my itchy throat. Though I have not been a tea person of late, these few days of drinking tea twice a day did make me feel stronger and probably helped me fight the cold and strengthen my immune system in the process. 

Have you ever felt that tea can help reduce your chances of getting sick? There are a lot of studies which show that drinking tea on a regular basis helps to boost one’s immune system. 

In India, tea aka “Chai” is a very popular drink and needs no introduction. We Indians love our tea and you will find dime a dozen tea stalls (chaiwallahs) brewing cups of hot tea every morning and evening especially post office hours. In my household tea is considered to be a part of the hospitality for any guest and almost every occasion is celebrated with tea. 

If you recollect our history, Indians were one of the first to use tea for medicinal purpose and later it was popularized by the British. The British East India Company was the first to begin production of tea and now Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea are the some of the most sought after teas in our country. 

As someone who has been a part of the nutraceutical industry for many years now, I am well aware of the basics about tea which includes the plant it originates from – Camellia Sinensis. This plant is so popular that even extracts are made from the core components of the plant and used in supplements. As I have been rediscovering my love for tea, I believe it’s important for us to become more informed about the tea we drink. 

Though Tea has been in existence for hundreds of years it is only in the last decade that more research has been done on the benefits of drinking tea.

Tea contains antioxidants such as vitamins, minerals and flavonoids which in the long run will help and protect us from various medical conditions including cancer. Green Tea is known to have abundant antioxidants which will help your body to repair and recover better. 

While I do not intend to completely stay away from caffeine, I am happy to switch to tea which contains much lesser caffeine content. Lesser the caffeine the less chances of insomnia and restlessness.  Since I am lactose intolerant, I stick to mainly black teas which I have come to understand is much healthier than combining milk with tea. Milk as a standalone drink is good for you. 

A little research is something I depend on before adding something to my daily diet. Did you know that there is a study to prove that drinking at least three cups of green or black tea every day helps in a 21% reduction in the risk of ischemic stroke. It has also been known to reduce the risk of heart disease in the long run. 

Being into fitness, I do have to keep my calorie count in mind and Tea by itself has no calories unless you add sugar or milk. In my case, I find Green tea the best low calorie drink to wake up to. Also Green tea has been known to increase your metabolic rate thereby helping you burn extra 70-80 calories per day. 

As you may have noticed I alternate between Green Tea and Black tea on most days but sometimes a change in variety does help. One of those teas which slowly has been gaining recognition among tea enthusiasts is Rose tea. If you are someone who loves to experiment then the flowery aroma and subtle taste of this tea is a must try. This tea is probably is not for all, but I could not resist this tea, its unique taste is its defining feature. 

Tea drinking is part of the growing health movement and in my opinion is a way of life, a quiet moment in time to reconnect with yourself. 

7 thoughts on “Rediscovering My Love for Tea

  • January 10, 2019 at 6:23 am

    Wow loved readin your blog…though im a not avid coffee or tea drinker…reading your articles makes me want to drink a hot cup of tea

  • January 10, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Chai is my first love. You hv described its health benefits also. That’s great. Green tea is so popular these days

  • January 10, 2019 at 11:08 am

    It’s quite chilly in Delhi and Tea is a great way to start the day. I love the flowery aroma and have looked for Jasmine and Rose teas and absolutely loved them.

  • January 10, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Green tea has so many health benefits. I drink green tea daily. And I love exploring different flavors.

  • January 10, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    What a lovely article about benefits of various teas. I am a tea drinker and really like green tea after my food. It does help with metabolism too.

  • July 20, 2020 at 11:29 am

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed article, I would definitely love to try the Rose tea which you mentioned in your blog

  • November 3, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    Now days Tea becomes very important part of our life as everyone contain a cup of tea in their daily life. Know about the health benefits of containing tea and also know about the top green tea brands.


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