Reflection Into The Soul Of Ramzan – Sharing Of Food & Love

Ramzan also known as Ramadan is a month long fast which involves fasting and prayers by the Muslim community worldwide. Ramazan is also synonymous with food in the form of Iftar for Muslims as well as non Muslims and especially for a foodie like me who loves the delicious spread which happens every Ramazan.

Iftar is the evening meal made specially for the Muslims when they break their day’s fasting and in the last few years this feast has become popular with people from all religions who come together for one common love – FOOD.

Though this post is long pending due to prior commitments, I figured there is no better time to post about food than the present and hence managed to get my pictures together to upload this post.


Iftar Walk 42

Iftar Walk 55

Iftar Walk 9

Iftar Walk 8

A picture speaks a thousand words and I would like to dedicate this post to the amazing food I had a chance to taste and shoot during my walk around Frazer Town during the Ramazan season in June 2017.

Iftar Walk 44

Iftar Walk 45

Iftar Walk 48Iftar Walk 38

I did a little research before my food walk and visited only a few selective restaurants serving their food outside their restaurants but managed to tick off all the dishes I wanted to try out. Some of the dishes I tasted were РBheja fry, Keema Pav, Chicken Kebab, Mutton Seekh, Prawn Skewers, Fried Crab, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Paya, Haleem, 4-5 types of Biryani, Shahi Tudka, Khubani ka Meetha and many more.

Iftar Walk 24Iftar Walk 30

Iftar Walk 35

Iftar Walk 40

Iftar Walk a

Iftar Walk 25

At one of the outlets, I had a chance to taste 5 types of Biryani – Saudi Biryani, Pakistani Biryani, Kerala Biryani, Irani Biryani and Lemon Biryani. While all of them taste quite different and unique, I loved the Saudi and Kerala Biryani and had them packed for the family too.

Iftar Walk 20

Iftar Walk 21

Iftar Walk 22

Along with all the food, it is impossible to miss the various kinds of sweet dishes on display . Though I do have a soft corner for certain such sweets, I could not help taste all of them before picking on a favourite.

Iftar Walk 27


Iftar Walk 26

Iftar Walk 51

While the food fiesta continues for hours into the night here on Mosque Road, we hurried back to share the containers of food with our loved ones.

Iftar Walk 34

In addition to prayers, after all, this is what this season is all about Food & Sharing.

Location : Frazer Town

Timings : 6 – 11 pm

Suited for: Vegetarians (Egg), Non Vegetarians (Including Beef and Camel)

Notes: Dress comfortable, Carry your own bags preferably not plastic and Do Not Litter. 





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