Say Cheese with Go Cheese and Chef Ranveer Brar @ Biere Club,Bangalore

Mondays are boring as we all know it but the Monday of 5th Dec 2016 had in store for Bangalore something exciting in the form of good old cheese!

An evening of Cheese tasting with fine wine, lesson on pairing the two and some tips on gourmet food with cheese awaited the Food and Cheese lovers of Bangalore.

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Cheese is common enough but where do we go to get that exact type of cheese for those special dishes or salads. Go Cheese seems to have an answer to that question and they want us spread the message among the masses.

I was invited to be a part of this #GoCheeseTasting session at the Biere Club along with some distinguished guests, foodies and bloggers in Bangalore. The event was organised in association with Femina India and had the celebrity chef Chef and TV Host Ranveer Brar in attendance. (Did not know he was that good looking!)

The event started off with an laugh a second session by standup comedian Mr.Sahil Gupta who had the crowd in splits with his performance. His act did set up the mood for the rest of the evening.


This was followed by an informative session on Go Cheese by Mr.Mahesh Israni, CMO of Parag Milk Foods.


In addition to an interesting piece of news that Go Cheese is the largest manufacturer of cheese in India, he did go on mention some informative tit bits about their company, farms, quality of milk used and the growth of dairy industry thanks to cheese. Go Cheese currently offers three kinds of cheese – Colby, Cheddar and Gouda. The company though established in 2009 is currently one of the best manufacturer of excellent quality cheese specifically made in India.

Though I have been using Cheese on a regular basis I must say such sessions can be very eye opening and I for one would definitely look out for these cheese next time I head to the supermarket.

As much as we liked the first 2 sessions, the crowd was looking forward to the Chef taking the stage and finally he was introduced and welcomed to deafening applause. Truth be told, I am not very familiar with Chef Ranveer Brar but the ease at which he got the crowd involved and down to earth persona would definitely keep me following his work.


He touched upon a few points on Go Cheese varieties and then his specially curated cheese menu. There are always some do’s and dont’s with cheese and he took us through some so called myths and gave some excellent tips on serving cheese.

As the evening moved into night, he got to explaining on how wine and cheese can be paired.Of course, at the end of the day, he did mention that each and every one of us is a Chef and that we have not discovered it yet! Good thought to process and to end that session!

I believe in absorbing some of the info provided but eventually would let my heart and tongue rule me and take over when it comes to cheese and wine.

This session was followed by a one on one session with the Chef at each table coupled by a lot of selfies and group pictures!


During the beginning of his session, we were served with Krsma wine ( Red and White ) along with a Cheese Platter consisting of Orange Cheddar, Gouda and Colby Cheese with accompaniments such as Green and Black grapes, Dry apricot, Fresh figs, Green lettuce and Cracker biscuits.


This was followed by Chef’s specially curated cheese 5 course platter consisting of Beetroot Carpaccio with Herbed Almette and Mini Greens, Cheddar and Jack Montry Cheese Flour Nachos with Avocado Salsa Sauce, Oozy Cheesy Pepper Agrodolce Calzone, Spice Cheese, Biere Mustard, Tomato and Olives with Toasty Bruschetta  and Crumbly Angles with Chilly Grape Chutney.


The Beetroot Carpaccio stole the night with its fresh beet and absolutely melting Almette and was an instant hit. I personally also loved the Calzone.


The dessert platter consisted of Saffron Cream Syllabub with fresh fruits and Biscotti Crumbles and Almette Cheese Topped Hummingbird Cake with Edible Flowers and Nuts.


I did find the cake a bit too sweet and personally loved the Syllabub where the cheese blended very well the fresh fruits in a way I never expected.

To end the night, we received a small hamper from Go Cheese which was welcomed with open hands by my daughter who is a cheese lover in the making!


As much as I enjoyed the evening in the company of fellow foodies and friends and not to forget the handsome and charming Chef Ranveer Brar, I must say the Cheese stole the show and I for one look forward to using their cheese in my kitchen moving forward.

Do visit their website for more on their products –

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