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I have heard about this restaurant for the last few years being a seafood lover and also because I love Mangalorean cuisine. Till date, I have stuck to trying similar restaurant in my part of town as the thought of driving 1.5 hours in Bangalore traffic seems too troublesome. All that changed when a group of friends organized a get together and insisted we meet up at this restaurant. Hence I finally got an opportunity to make that mental excuse to myself and gather up the courage to drive all the way here. 

The area where this restaurant is located is quite unfamiliar to me since I live in the other part of Bangalore and do not frequent this side. Thanks to Google maps I located the restaurant easily though it took me a while to locate parking. I did not realize they have valet which is a must in a location such as this. 

The entrance to this restaurant is very nondescript and occupies 2 floors. We had a table booked for the top floor which was convenient since we were a boisterous bunch of people. The decor is simple with walls covered with pictures depicting the cuisine they specialise in. They also have a family section where larger groups can be accommodated.

After waiting a bit for the group to come together we begun our meal with soups for the vegetarian and the non vegetarians. The sea food soup was perfect for the weather that being a bit spicy yet flavourful.



While I go crazy with Seafood especially prawns and crabs, I almost never have it at restaurants due the hygiene and freshness factor. However that day I decided to give it a go here and I must say I was not disappointed in the least. Every dish was prepared as I expect Mangalorean dishes to taste with the appropriate amount of spices and of course my favourite, Ghee.  Our meal began with Prawns Ghee Roast, Chicken Ghee Roast and Crabs Masala Fry.   

My personal pick of the starters were the Prawns Ghee Roast and Chicken Ghee Roast with the other not far behind. Probably the best 2 ghee roast I have tasted in Bangalore in a while.

Pomfret Tawa Fry – The picture probably does more justice to this dish than I can pen down. A must try here! 

Mussels Masala Fry – Though not a big lover of mussels, their masala preparation is out of this world and in combination with the natural flavours of the particular seafood makes it a surefire hit. 

Seer Fish Masala – Oozing with masala, this dish may not look very appetizing but the fish is soft and when had with the masala leaves you in a bit of a stupor. 

Silverfish Fry – Being a Keralite, this fish was not new to me however the style of preparation was quite different and the crunchy taste of this fish is to be tried. 

VEGETARIAN STARTERSMushroom Masala Fry and Paneer Ghee Roast hit all the right notes but I had eyes only for their seafood and chicken dishes. 


The main course was an array of dishes chosen to give us non Mangalorean an idea of the local favourites and best of their cuisine which I was more than happy to try.

MAIN COURSE CURRIESPadengi Gassi, Nati Chicken Curry, Kundapura Chicken, Drumstick Gassi, Mangalore Chicken Curry and Sea Rock Special Chicken Curry.

ACCOMPANIMENTS – Kori Roti, Pundi, Neer Dosa, Semiya and Boiled rice.


Though I tried all the dishes, my pick was the Neer Dosa/ Semiya with Kundapura Chicken and Sea Rock Special Chicken curry. This was the first time I was trying the Kori Roti as well as Pundi and I know I am hooked for life!

Though it was a busy Saturday the service was spot on with our attendant very accommodating to our whims and queries. 

Our final dish was a simple Ragi Manne, again a dish I have never tried as I am not a big fan of anything made with Ragi. But a spoon of this dessert made me rethink that decision.

If you are into Mangalorean cuisine and you are a seafood fanatic (like me) then there is no second thoughts that you are missing something if you haven’t visited here yet!

Go for it, I guarantee you wont be disappointed. 

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