Start 2017 With Juices From Health Juice Centre, Bangalore

2016 was my year to get Fit and I stayed true to my endeavours however one thing lacking in my food habits was good and healthy fruit and vegetables juices. I have many excuses to avoid making them at home ( lack of time, laziness etc) and have even more excuses to prevent me from buying it from outside such as water contamination, cleanliness of the fruits and vegetables used and sugar levels.


 I heard about this Juice centre sometime ago and since I do not frequent this area I completely forgot about it till recently. I was in the area to meet friends and they wanted to have a quick bite when I came across this outlet. I decided to drag them in here to try out some of their drinks and sandwiches.

One of my friends is a Mumbaite at heart and quite critical about Mumbai food (sandwiches) prepared in Bangalore. Since this place advertises to serve authentic Mumbai sandwiches and we were a big group, we landed up ordering many drinks and sandwiches.


BOOM  – Combo of Mosambi, Lemon and Khus. – Definitely falls into the health drink category. Refreshing and light.
GINGER ORANGE – I am not a fan of Ginger though I did take more than the normal amount of sips of this drink. The ginger could be reduced a bit as it overpowers the orange taste.
KALA KHATTA – Another interesting juice with that expected tangy flavour.
KING BLOSSOM – Combo of strawberry, Pineapple and bit of Rose syrup.
KALA JAMUN – As the name suggests the drink made of Kala jamun was quite good.
ANAR GUAVA– This was the last drink we ordered and though we were quite full already, I managed to finish this drink too!
Not a milkshake fan, I just tried sips of both the drinks with the Gulkand one being the better one.
1. Sitaphal / Custard apple Milkshake
2. Gulkand Milkshake ( Gulkand is made from the sweet preserve of Rose petals)
All sandwiches are served with either one or two chutneys (Mint and Garlic) and chips.
Palak Corn Sandwich – I have never tried a Palak sandwich and was quite impressed with the combo of palak and corn. The sandwich was neither too heavy or overpowering with Palak taste. A good sandwich to try here.
Chocolate Grill Sandwich – Crazy over chocolate friend’s order which turned out to be very good.
Pahadi Grill Sandwich – The best sandwich of the lot and finished in a jiffy. I was told by my friend that it matches what they serve in Mumbai with regards to the taste.
The foodie in me made me ask a lot of questions to the guy at the counter who was quite forthcoming and enthusiast to answer my numerous questions. I understand that all the drinks served here do not contain water, preservatives and sugar. That last one – Sugar was very surprising as I thought I tasted many drinks which are a bit sweet. However it seems they have their in house mix of syrups which are sweet and when added to the drinks gives the sweet taste in the case of some of their drinks.
So if you are health freak then do give this place a try after a good workout to regain some of those lost calories and do ask them to provide the drinks without the syrup if you are particular about your sugar levels.
Of course, this is a good bet for those who just like good fruit juices and milkshakes and can also look forward to snack on some yummy Mumbai sandwiches.
Ambience – 3/5 

Service/Hospitality – 4/5

Food Taste – 4.5/5

Juices Taste – 4.5/5 

Quantity/Quality – 4/5

Value for Money4/5 

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