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Reflection Into The Soul Of Ramzan – Sharing Of Food & Love

Ramzan also known as Ramadan is a month long fast which involves fasting and prayers by the Muslim community worldwide. Ramazan is also synonymous with food in the form of Iftar for Muslims as well as non Muslims and especially for a foodie like me who loves the delicious spread which happens every Ramazan. Iftar

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Rahhams – A Taste You Will Never Forget!

If someone asks me what is my favourite dish, my answer would always remain the same i.e. Biryani. After all me and probably 80% of the people I know love to feast on a good biryani. There could not be a better time for this blog post as it is Ramadan and this time is

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Indulge Yourself @ Atty’s Bakery

Anyone who knows me would never associate me with being a baked goodies lover. However there is always room for a few surprises and I would never fail to acknowledge a venture which makes me change my perceptions. Being a part of the foodie circle in Bangalore, I have been hearing a lot about Empire

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