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Meeting your daily nutritional needs can be tough especially in situations when you are on the move, working endless hours or just don’t enjoy cooking. Due to time constraints & no prior meal preparation, we often turn to takeaways or fast food, which usually gives us little or no nutritional value at all. Most of us end up skipping meals altogether.

As per a report from the UN, 198M Indians remain undernourished as of 2018. Our brand-new product this week – Supply6 aims to bring this number down to 100M by stepping up their distribution to everybody who might be needing this power-packed meal – a 400 calorie meal powder, with Zero added Sugar, 100% Vegan & containing ONLY real food ingredients like oats, peas, rice, coconut & sunflower seeds.

About Supply6:
The driving force behind Supply6 is the desire to not let anyone compromise on nutrition and healthy meals. It contains the perfect blend of nutritional macros with 49g carbs, 20g protein, 18.5g Fat, 27 Vitamins & Minerals.
It is available in vanilla flavour with more flavours coming out soon, tasting similar to a delicious milkshake.

Why Supply6?
• Meets all your nutritional needs.
• Serves as a great immunity booster as it contains all essential vitamins & minerals.
• Saves time and energy – takes less than 30 seconds to make & no cleaning up required post meals.
• Comes with pre-measured amount of macros with a known calorie level, thus negating the need to measure or weigh meals or to estimate portion sizes.
• Flavourful & Tasty
• Involves less decision-making (e.g., consuming Supply6 during a lunch break at work is easier than going to a restaurant and making a healthy food choice in the recommended portion size to meet weight loss goals)
• Keeps you full for 3-4 hours.
• Affordable

Who is Supply6 ideal for?
Supply6 is ideal for anyone who prioritizes nutrition & understands the value of a balanced meal-
From a fitness enthusiast who wants the perfect energy boost before the workout session, a traveler for whom finding nutritious meals might be a challenge, a working professional who has little time to eat or even breathe, a student who is just lazy to cook or even a housewife who has hundreds of other responsibilities, apart from cooking.

This is the perfect one-stop meal with all the essential nutrients, facilitating the availability of high-quality nutrition and making it affordable.

You can get yours now & also avail an introductory offer with 30% off and free shipping by clicking the link.

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