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Big Pitcher with its unique combination of different floors of themed restaurants caters to almost everyone’s need, which quite obviously varies from one individual to the other.

The idea of one of Bangalore’s first Microbrewery trying to bring a change in the usual Pub scene with their idea of 6 floors having 5 interestingly themed restaurants/lounges is definitely a plus in my books.

For those who are not aware of what these 6 floors houses, a small brief is below,

Floors 1 & 2 – Club Kahuna – The brew pub which is vibrant and filled with people who love their Beer.

Floor 3 – Splitwood– Wild West Themed Restaurant


Floor 4 – Sizzling Streets – Live Barbeque themed restaurant, very bright and colourful.

Floor 5 – Studio 4121 – Kept aside for live artists/performances as well as for private or company events.

Floor 6 – Star Lounge – A wonderful roof top premier lounge for a quiet / romantic dinner.


I was invited with fellow food bloggers for a tasting session of their new signature dishes at Splitwood.

Splitwood is a Wild West themed restaurant aiming to serve a combination of continental as well as oriental cuisine matching their Tag line –EAST on Food, WEST on mood”.


The décor is well suited to take you back to those old Western movies with their guns, boots, cowboy hats and wood finish. They have 2 separate seating areas – one for non smoking and large groups which are accommodated in a sofa area and one for smoking and non AC having barrels for tables and also regular tables.


The management seems quite passionate about their venture and took time to show us all the different floors as well took us for a walkthrough of their Microbrewery and explained their brewing process.

Speaking about their Microbrewery, they have some unique names given to the 6 types of Beer they brew namely Kingslayer, Sarava, Czech That Pilsner, Special Beer,Hopwitch and my personal favourite in terms of name – Adjust Maadi.

Among these beers, I personally loved the Sarava and the Kingslayer. Both have their own distinct flavours with Sarava being a light beer which I normally what I prefer and Kingslayer being a stout ,which I surprisingly liked. 

We also ordered for a few cocktails and mocktails within the group and here are some details about them,


1. Kiss on the Lips – A wonderful combination of Vodka and Kahlua mixed excellently.

2.  Long Island Iced Tea – No complaints here coz it tasted pretty much the usual.


1. Tricky Micky – Refreshing and interesting.

2. Litchi Mocktail – A bit too creamy in taste and hence just took a sip.

APPETIZERS:Where there are drinks there must also be good appetizers and they had these coming in quick succession.


d7a9dc69-6b49-4dd5-8c90-6abb16cd7b4e_optWith its unique name, I did expect a lot from this dish and it did not disappoint. The dish consisted of batter fried veggies which were well presented and nice and crunchy.


74c133ca-e75a-414e-85c1-e94314bd045a_optFlat Chicken skewers though batter fried again but with great flavour especially when paired with their habanero dip. 


ef52c5b8-ed59-4682-b229-db223c382340_optPresentation is always important and I am glad to say that these guys do not miss an opportunity to create a good looking dish. The prawns looked great especially threaded with noodles and stuck in a small dish with the chilli soya dip. This was my best starter of the day.



The fish was prepared as an Oriental dish with chilli, garlic and soya and was quite soft and tasty.



Chicken cooked with some spicy tomato sauce served with a load of veggies.  



Paneer batter fried and made to look like fish fingers. The paneer was a bit bland but the sauce kind of made up for that.  



Batter fried corn mixed with hot and sweet sauces and served with fried Spinach. 




Regular pasta with a combination of Mexican sauce, bell peppers, baby tomatoes, olives, jalapenos and cheese. This was another well prepared dish and not to heavy on the stomach.


225fcf6e-b76a-49c5-adf2-4c0e8253a25c_opta692ef76-053a-4d76-92e6-d4cab6b6a0f5_optThe Final dish to be served to us “happy in tummy” foodies was their special Signature dish called Naanza. The Chef wanted to try something with a Pizza but with a Indian touch and thus Naanza was created. The base is a large Naan, loaded with a Indian tomato based gravy and topped with chunks of grilled chicken, onions and coriander leaves. Kudos to their team for the great idea and I am sure it will be sure fire hit for those who love their Pizzas.


Another unique and well thought out idea they have come with is their Trolley Buffet wherein the guests are served the food at their table. This comes in handy for large groups and to also minimize crowd flow.

A great destination to suit your different moods be it Beer, Western cuisine, Oriental cuisine, Live grills or somewhere to take your date for a wonderful romantic meal. 

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