World On A Plate @ VR Bengaluru Year One Celebrations

“World On A Plate” is India’s first International Food Festival and one of the most anticipated events featuring some of the most influential and well liked chefs from the culinary scene. It all started in 2016 hosted in Bangalore and was a runaway success leading to a bigger event this year.

Snap 2017-06-11 at 10.34.49

Snap 2017-06-11 at 10.34.04The second edition of WOAP festival took place on 3rd June at VR Bengaluru and on 4th June at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai this year. VR Bengaluru nicknamed ‘Black Box on Whitefield Road” is Virtuous Retail South Asia’s flagship center in Bengaluru and is a first-of-its-kind community centric integrated lifestyle destination in India. VR Bengaluru hosts award-winning luxury boutique hotel & residences, a multi-level premium retail arcade which also includes a nine-screen multiplex including an IMAX, several pubs, cafes and restaurants along with an upscale food court, community event spaces, public art, a fitness club, spa and salon, and a rooftop pool alongside a unique banqueting space equipped with a large-scale LED screen.

This year’s event was a special one as it was my first WOAP event and I was invited to be part of the press conference the day before the main event.  The event began with an address by the CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, Mr. Kiran Soans and his thoughts about the event last year and the expansion to take the event to Mumbai also this year.


The festival coordinated and managed by Gold Rush Entertainment featured well known and celebrated chefs in the culinary world – English Australian Chef and one of the judges of Masterchef Australia – Gary Mehigan, Australian Patisserie Chef – Adriano Zumbo, Asia’s best Pastry Chef – Janice Wong, , Indian Celebrity Chef – Ranveer Brar and Winner Masterchef Australia 2016 – Elena Duggan.

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Gold Rush Entertainment is an idea house that provides end to end brand and event solutions. In the past, Gold Rush has churned a number of exciting projects and activations across various cities in India including The George Calombaris – India Tour and the of course the most remarkable one being the 1st edition of World on a Plate in Bangalore. 


This year they announced the launch of the World on a Plate Academy supported by Gary Mehigan. The WOAP Academy aims to be a finishing school for young culinary professionals and food entrepreneurs. Kiran Soans, CEO, Gold Rush Entertainment, said “We wanted to close the gap and give aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs in India the opportunity to learn the latest skills from the best in the world and have access to the best ingredients and technology.”


During the press conference, we had the opportunity to listen to these Chef’s thoughts about India and their inputs about WOAP.

Australia’s favourite Master Chef Gary Mehigan said “India has always floored me with its diverse food palate. Coming back to India is always exciting but coming to Bangalore is a surreal experience. This melting pot of cuisines always has something new to offer”.

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Adriano Zumbo who is known as the Sweet Assassin said “I am really excited to be in India more specifically in Bangalore for the World on a Plate. The Indian cuisine has so much to offer, the flavours, textures and colours are a treat for any foodie”. 




Chef Adriano Zumbo’s “Dirty Chai Spiced Honey Date Cake”

India’s favourite chef Ranveer Brar said “This is an extraordinary food festival bringing together some of the world’s finest chefs. I am sure good lovers in Bangalore will be taken on a whirlwind of flavours at the World on a Plate 2”.



Chef Ranveer Brar’s “Cured Salmon & Chilli Compressed Melon and Ice Apples”

Janice Wong, Patisserie extraordinaire added “I am glad to be part of this culinary food festival. It was a pleasure to explore and try new flavours and what really impressed me is India’s contemporary take on desserts”. 




 Chef Janice Wong’s –  Chocolate H2O

On her maiden trip to Bangalore, Masterchef Australia Season 8 winner Elena Duggan said “I am so excited to be part of World on a Plate 2 in the city of Bangalore. Working alongside Gary is always fun. I look forward to the experience and learning more about the local cuisine.”. 



Chef Elena Duggan’s “Crispy Skinned Snapper & Quinoa Salad with Mangoes”

This edition of World on a Plate 2 was a culinary extravaganza where the chefs took the city’s food lovers through exclusive Master Classes creating their signature dishes. This was followed by an exclusive tete–a– tete where the chefs will shared their personal experiences and moments. The event ended with Master Chef Live where the chefs tasted and judged 25 of city’s best restaurants to award them the titles of World on a Plate “Best Restaurant of the year”, “People’s Choice Award” and “Best Dessert”. 

A big shout out to Mr.Deepayan Roy for the invite and congratulations to the well deserved success of this year’s WOAP!

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